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Are your current blinds older than 7 years?

Posted on 2 January 2018
Are your current blinds older than 7 years?

We once had this fridge.  It was 18 years old.  It still worked, but it would grow this big block of ice in the back of it every few weeks that I had to hack out so I could fit food it in.  We bought it at a time when we couldn't afford a frost-free freezer, so that was another delightful job. Defrosting the freezer every few months. It didn't have one of those ratings on it, so it always seemed to be running. But Yes, it still worked. 

Do you have blinds in your home that are a bit like our old fridge? 

The thing is, your blinds are probably still working, still blocking out light, heat etc but looking a bit tired.  I get it, no one likes to throw something out, if technically its still working.

Make no mistake, old, outdated blinds, date your house too. They are probably not working as efficiently as they use to. They may not even match your new wall paint colours or furniture you have purchased over the years.

Keeping everything in the house well maintained and up to date, means when you come to sell the house one day, there won't be a whole heap of expensive jobs to do.

Most blinds are replaced every 7-8 years. Nothing lasts forever and something like a blind is in the hottest part of your house your window.  It can fade, the mechanisms can break down from wear and tear or it can just be dated.

Like everything, there are some beautiful new fabrics and styles in window furnishings now.  Motorisation has become quite affordable and makes life so much easier.  You can now put your blinds up and down using your smart phone.

That's why we decided to do "BUY BACK MONTH" in January.  A great month to refresh and renew to start off the New Year.

BUY BACK Month allows you to trade in your old blinds, awnings or curtains for new ones.  We will give you $20 for every old blind for the purchase of new blinds, or shutters.  We will give you $50 for every old awning for the purchase of new awnings.*

That way you get some money back and you get to freshen up your look. 

To organise a free inhouse measure and quote contact us here.

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