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Soliris Sun/Wind Sensor

The Soliris RTS Sun and Wind Sensor automatically controls your RTS motorized products based on current weather conditions. Comes with Situo Soliris Remote 1 channel (code 1800462)
$ 495.00 AUD
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  • Protect your awning when the wind increases. Puts itself away.
  • Wind sensor overrides Sun sensor for safety
  • Can programme to go in and out/up and down due to sun
  • Enjoy automatic energy savings as the sun's intensity increases.
  • Only one Soliris Sensor is needed per façade.(side of house)
  • Must use with Situo 1 Soliris Remote  only (code1800462) included in price. 
  • This Sun/Wind sensor needs a qualified electrician to install it to 240v power.
  • Works with most Somfy external awning motors. (all FAA motors, Altus motors, Maestria)
  • Works on Folding Arm Awnings, Pivot Arm awnings, Wire guided awnings, Ziptrack Awnings.
General information
  • Radio sensor that will automatically retract a screen /awning based on wind speed and extend / retract based on a preset amount of sunlight.
  • Compatible with AltusRTS , Orea RTS , CSI RTS , Modulis Receiver and the Universal Receiver.
  • Somfy Rolling Code.
  • 200m range in an open area and 20m range through two reinforced concrete walls.

Technical information


Range in open field:    200m range in an open area and 20m range through two reinforced concrete walls
Radio Frequency:    433,42 MHz


Protection Index:    IP34


Width:  25 mm
Depth: 236 mm
Height: 160 mm


Limits of use:    Between 10 - 50 Km/h and 0 - 50 klux threshold

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