FREE Somfy Motorisation Special - LIMITED TIME ONLY

At Premier Shades we know how to automate! Launching the latest new lithium motor from SOMFY. The ALTUS 28 - YES........ NO SPARKY NEEDED.

Because we are one of the biggest regional suppliers of Somfy motors in NSW, Somfy have given us a great INTRODUCTORY PRICE on their new ALTUS 28.  

When you spend over $1000 with Premier Shades and that purchase includes some roller blinds we will provide 1 free SOMFY ALTUS28 motor. 

We have purchased LOTS of SOMFY ALTUS28, and are passing on the bargain to our CENTRAL COAST ROLLER BLIND PURCHASING customers. 

This intro offer is just until the end of APRIL 2019  or while stocks last, no exceptions. 

You get a FREE SOMFY ALTUS28  MOTOR when you purchase NEW CUSTOM MADE BLINDS for every $1000 you spend you get a free roller blind motor.  (see details below) 



The new Altus 28 is a battery chargable motorised blind, similar to our premium Sonesse 30, but more affortable. It doesn't need an electrician to make it work. It has a removable cable, like a mobile phone to charge it every 6-9  months. EASY!!

Motorising your blinds can add that sophisticated touch to your window, removing messy cords and giving your home a more streamlined contemporary look.

Operating from a stylish remote control, new smart phone app, or invest in our WIFI hub CONNEXOON and link it to AMAZON ALEXA and GOOGLE HOME. Yes, voice activated blinds. 

This means you can open and close your blinds from the comfort of your chair, the lounge, or even your bed! Imagine opening up the blind to check out your day before your feet hit the ground!

  • Great for future proofing your home. 
  • Great for the elderly that hate dealing with fiddly cords up & down each day.
  • Great for homes with young children - no dangerous cords
  • Ideal for where wiring is a challenge.
  • Can be installed into existing homes. Does not need to be a new build.

Add your own signature style with custom made bespoke motorized blinds, made right here on the Central Coast at our factory in Wyoming at 18/482 Pacific Highway. 

You can add a stylish touch and choose any fabric you like from the range we make here at Premier Shades. 

For a limited time at Premier Shades, you will receive world leading Somfy blind motor ALTUS28 for FREE when you purchase a new custom-made roller blind from Premier Shades and spend over $1000. 

Call today on 02 4324 8800 and organise an In Home Measure and Quote

Download Somfy Motorisation and Home Automation Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the offer on for?

Until the end of April 2019 or while stocks last.  This is a genuine offer.  We are a local family business.  We do not double prices and offer 50% off. Its been a little quiet with the elections and world events and we did a deal with Somfy to pass onto our customers

What sort of motor are they?

Somfy Altus28.  It has only been launched in February, 2019.  It is one of the newest motors from Somfy.  We have been selling the chargeable battery Sonesse 30 for over a year with great success. Somfy Sonesse is know for its extra quiet operation.  Somfy Altus28 is the next model down.  Still aligned with the premium Somfy brand.  Still a 5 year extended SOMFY warranty.  Just a little more affordable. Somfy is a European company based in France.  They are considered the market leader in blind automation in the Australian blind industry. 

How does the FREE deal work?

The offer is for the free battery powered SOMFY ALTUS28 battery powered motor.  NOT A FREE BLIND. If you spend over $1000 within the Promotion time frame you can get one of the new roller blinds motorised for FREE. That include a SOMFY ALTUS 28 Motor, recharger, recharger cable and remote. 

 It is only for newly purchased roller blinds.  You can spend over $1000 on other products and if one of them is a roller blind we will motorise that one for free. 

For example:  Say you purchased Some Plantation Shutters and 2 roller blinds.  The invoice came to $2500.  you could get the 2 roller blinds MOTORISED FOR FREE. 

Can I get other blinds motorised?

We can motorised Folding Arm Awnings, Pivot Arm Awnings, Ziptrak, and many other blinds HOWEVER, this offer is only for ROLLER BLINDS and only for the styles we manufacturer in our factory.  If you are unsure, please ask. Some roller blind products like Ziptrak Internal blinds and Roller blinds with channels and pelmets are not made in our factory.  We can only do this offer on blinds we make in our factory. 

Why don't I need an electrician?

Somfy Altus28 motors have a rechargeable lithium battery inside of them.  They come with a recharger, similar to a phone charger.  There is a pin hole at the very end of the roller blind tube.  You put the recharger cord in their and plug them into the nearest power point.  They will come charged when we install them.  You will need to charge them every 3-6 months.  Depending how much you use them.  When the Premier Shades installer, installs your new Roller Blinds he will also programme the remote so you can operate the blinds from the remote control.  We have done hundreds and hundreds of this style of motor with very few issues.

Can I buy extra Motors if I don't spend enough?

Yes.  You will get 1 free SOMFY ALTUS28 motor for your ROLLER BLIND for every $1000 you spend with Premier Shades.  If you want other NEW ROLLER BLINDS MOTORISED you pay just $199. The normal retail price is $250 per motor.   

For example. Say you buy 2 roller blinds and they are $1000.  You can get one motorised for free, and the other you can pay  an extra $199. (Motor only) to get the second one motorised. 

How many remotes do I get?

We will give you the most suitable remote depending on how many blinds you get motorised. Remotes are available in 1 channel, 2 channel, 5 channel and 15 channel. 

For example, if you have 3 blinds in the living room and you want them to all go up and down at the same time, its best you get just 1 remote. We will discuss the best option at time of quoting. 

I just bought some blinds - can I get the free motors put in?

I'm sorry, but its just not feasible. It is only cost effective to offer this deal on new blinds made in our factory.  Do you need some more?

This offer is NOT AVAILABLE with any other offer. 

This product is on display at our showroom at 18/482 Pacific Highway, Wyoming. NSW 2250.  Phone 02 4324 8800

The latest technology from Europe is now here on the Central Coast and with the local blind motor experts at Premier Shades.

Somfy is the WORLD market leader in blind automation. The new Altus 28 are the latest technology from Europe.  They are charged with a lithium battery, so no need for an electrician.  The motor is encased inside the roller blind tube keeping it neat and tidy. You just charge it similar to a mobile phone charger every 6-12 month (depending on use).

The blind is installed by our professional blind installers.  NO SPARKY NEEDED. They will show you how to operate it, recharge it and programme the remote for you.

You can easily operate your new custom made motorized roller blind with the new smart phone app (details below), a stylish remote control, or voice activated with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.  Connect it to other automation within your home - ask at Premier Shades for details.

Want the the best price.  This is a great introductory deal.

Choose your remote. From 1 channel, 6 or 16.

Introducing SOMFY CONNEXOON. RRP $299


The new SOMFY CONNEXOON is NOW available and ready to provide you with a simple, intuitive, smart and playful app control solution.

Connexoon Window RTS is a new way to control motorised window coverings and RTS-enabled lighting, plus Phillips Hue Lighting to maximise light control, privacy and convenience, straight from a mobile device - from home, from the office, while on holidays and everywhere in between.

Connexoon Window RTS has 30 channels for control of up to 30 individual or 30 groups of window coverings for ultimate convenience.

The ambiance replay function allows customers to set their favourite position for their Somfy-motorised window coverings and RTS-enabled lights to create the perfect ambiance every time.

Available NOW at Premier Shades. Purchase Connexoon with your new blinds that have Somfy motors or if you have existing blinds with Somfy motors purchase it from our shop and install it yourself.  It is easy for the tech savy person. 


  • The latest technology available from Europe.
  • You need Connesoon for your Somfy motorised Blinds to talk to Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • If you have existing Somfy Motorised Blinds you can get this technology NOW for $299 plus installation.
  • If you are thinking of purchasing Somfy Motorised Blinds you can have the SOMFY CONNEXOON feature added for JUST $299
  • You must have WIFI connected in your home/office where the blinds are fitted.
  • You must have WIFI connected where you want to control the blinds from. (either at home, or where ever you are in the world)
  • Contact Premier Shades to purchase the SOMFY CONNEXOON and organise for Premier Shades to have it connected and your blinds synced to it.
  • The SOMFY CONNEXOON hub plugs into a power point near your WIFI.
  • Download the FREE app from your app store on your phone. Available iPhone and android.
  • Anyone in the house/office can control it from their phone. Up to 4 devices.
  • RTS communications between SOMFY CONNEXOON window RTS and the home's devices.
  • Control up to 20 blinds
  • You can still use your remote, or your phone.
  • You can have the blinds pre-programmed from your phone to go up and down at certain times of the day/night.
  • For example. Blinds come down at 6pm each night, and up at 6am.  Or set for sunrise and sunset. (your phone knows when this is)
  • You can set different programmes for different times of the day.  For example, you could programme the blinds in your office to always be down on weekends.
  • This technology on display at Premier Shades. 18/482 Pacific Highway, Wyoming.
We purchased blinds from Premier Shades for our corporate offices and are very happy with the result.  Jim Tieman gave us excellent advice and they do their job perfectly, look great and work ...

Lynn & Matt Crow

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