Automatic Lock Arm Awning Central Coast

A timeless Classic! I’m sure you have seen this style of window awning before!

One of the more popular and traditional style of outside window awnings is the Automatic or "Auto Lock arm awning"

It is in-fact not automatic as far as operating itself.  You will still need to operate it to make the fabric retract or come down to cover your window.    However, in strong wind it will "automatically" bounce around and put itself away.

Fabric Available: Canvas, Screen, PVC, or Acrylic.

    Key features:

    •  An affordable solution to block harsh sun on a window.
    • Most suitable for ground floor insulation or floors reachable with the pull-down stick.
    • Great insulations from the outside of a window, blocking out cold air coming through window.
    • Comes standard with a HOOD.
    • Can be "reskinned"! Swap the fabric over to new fabric for about half the price of a new awning.
    • Manual operation available only.  No motorisation
    • Allows airflow.  Open the window and put the window awning down. Enjoy the breeze without the heat
    • Australian made
    • Valance can be straight for a modern look or scalloped (frill) for a traditional look.
    • Easy to use.
    • Ok for standard windows or Bay Windows
    • Suits both modern and traditional style homes.
    • A ring pull is situation in the middle of the bottom bar to allow a "pull down stick" to pull down the awning when it is installer higher up on the window. Standard size 1.5m
    • Maximum: 4800mm width x 1400mm drop, or 3400mm x 2800mm drop.

    Arm length (projection) available: 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and 900mm.

    Component Options: Gold, Silver &Stainless Steel.

    Automatic Lock Arm Awning Before


    Automatic Lock Arm Awning After


    Automatic Lock Arm Awning Stripe Canvas
    Automatic Lock Arm Awning Stripe Canvas

    Automatic Lock Arm Awning
    Automatic Lock Arm Awning

    Automatic Lock Arm Awning Bamboo Fabric
    Automatic Lock Arm Awning over Window
    Automatic Lock Arm Awning over Window

    Automatic Lock Arm Awning

    Weather Resistant

    Click Below to See Fabric Colour Ranges

    Barrington CANVAS Fabric Range
    Docril Fabric Colour Range. (Acrylic)
    Outlook Premium Screen Fabric Colour Range.

    Auto Lock Awnings are on display in our showroom. Come in and test them out. We know you will love them.

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