Purchases Terms and Conditions


When will the goods arrive?

Expect goods to arrive in about 4-5 business days. We are a regional based company, near Gosford, north of Sydney, NSW.  We cannot always guarantee shipment by overnight express. If your goods are delayed and we cannot dispatch them within a suitable time we will let you know. We will refund your money.  If you have not received the goods within 10 days please contact us immediately. They may have been lost in the post, or your order processed incorrectly to the wrong address.  We will do our best to correct the situation as quickly as possible.

How will you ship them?

We will use Australia Post. Delivery is included in the cost of the goods. 

Will you substitute parts?

We have tried to describe the goods we sell as best as possible.  The parts we sell are industry standard and the same parts we use in our own blind manufacturing business. If we need to substitute a product due to low stock levels, we will substitute it with an equal or better quality product that is still industry standard.  Same as we would use in our own business. The blind spare parts we sell are for safety purposes. 

What is the quality like?

The parts we sell in our online store are the same parts we use in our own business retailing and manufacturing blinds.  We have been established 20 years and source good quality parts from Australian distributors.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is free anywhere in Australia.  

What is the warranty?

You have 30 days to notify us and return the goods due to defect or incorrect goods shipped. We cannot refund money if you change your mind.Please be clear to check your order that is posted to you and call the office immediately if there are any discrepancies or you are unclear of what you have ordered.

How do I pay?

We accept creditcard via PayPal. If you want to discuss a modification of your order please call our landline during office hours 02 4324 8800. We will happily discuss your needs.  We can accept creditcard over the phone.  We will post the receipt with the goods.

How will I get my refund?

We will refund via PayPal if you used PayPal to pay.  We will refund your credit card over the phone, if you paid over the phone.

Do you have other spare parts for blinds?

If you want to discuss a modification of your order or other types of parts please call our landline during office hours 02 4324 8800. We will happily discuss your needs. It is often best to send us an email with a photo of what you are looking for as spare parts for blinds can often be tricky to describe. Please consider that if this is not a spare part product we sell or can get easy access to we may not be able to help you. This could be because the product spare part is discontinued, the supplier is no longer available or the blind is made overseas and blind spare parts are not available in Australia. Send us an email through our Contact Us page.  We can accept credit card over the phone.  We will post the receipt with the goods.




Premier Shades requires a 50% on all our custom made products. This can be received as cash (Australian dollars only), direct deposit into our nominated bank account, Visa, Mastercard (no surcharge applied), Amercian Express (3% surcharge applies to cover merchant costs) or cheque. (cheque only exceptable on deposit, not on final payment).  We make a custom made product.  It cannot be reused if you change your mind as it has been made to the exact measurements of your requirements.  The majority of this custom made product will be made off site from your premises.  That is, it will be made in our factory, or our suppliers factory.  Your quote has been provided to you in writing.  Please check it carefully before you deposit.  Any special arrangements, product performance claims or agreements should be made in writing.  At times our customers have received more than one quote and may have had conflicting information from different company consultants.  Any product performance claims or special arrangements we have made we will happily put in writing.  If unsure, ask before you deposit.


Our products are custom made and once the product has been ordered with a deposit and production costs have been incurred the order cannot be cancelled.  Once you have deposited with our company we will confirm the order in writing via Australia Post.  We will include our warranty terms and payment terms with the order.  We will include care instructions and our procedure for installation.  We will give you an estimated date of installation in writing with that paperwork.

At times unforeseen circumstances occur.  Please contact the office immediately if you need to cancel for unforeseen circumstances.  If we can cease production and not lose cost we will endeavor to do so. If we cannot stop production (for example the manufacturing process has started) then you will still be liable for the goods.  We have at times refunded part deposits if you tell us in time. 


Premier Shades provide our goods to industry standard and install to industry standard.  If you are unsure of how a product may look or be installed it is best if you visit our showroom at 18/482 Pacific Highway, Wyoming.  We have many of the products we sell on display and operational. We cannot be held responsible if your expectations for the product are not the industry standard. Please be clear of your expectations before you deposit. Our quotes are in writing, we confirm your order in writing and we have our goods on display to show you how they will look.


Premier Shades gives a solid 2 year warranty on all products. These can be issues from wrong measuring to faulty fabrics and mechanisms, to manufacturing, installation or communication issues.  Unfortunately this is the nature of a measurement sensitive custom made product and human error.

If there are any special instructions you have discussed with the sales representative or check measure tradesmen that are not on the order, PLEASE NOTIFY THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY. There is no need to call your sales consultant if something is not quite right. Our office team are trained to fix issues, are friendly, co-operative and will be able to help you.

This warranty includes parts and labour to remove and refit the product. It includes product from goods manufactured within our factory as well as goods manufactured outside our factory but sold by our company.

If there are any problems with your purchase please inform us as soon as possible. We will make it a priority to fix any issues within 7 days (most of the time it is within 3 days). If a product needs to be remade and we cannot do so within 7 days, we will give you an estimate time to fix the issue. Whilst some things are out of our control, our priority is to get the issue fixed within the quickest time frame and the least amount of disruption to you. We will endeavour to keep you informed at all times.

If the goods were sold and installed by Premier Shades we will come to the premises of where the goods have been installed initially and service or replace them onsite. If they need to be removed to be fixed, we will endeavour to do so with the least amount of disruption to the client. We will inform the client of time frames and expectations at the time.

Premier Shades does not accept verbal or physical abuse from clients to our staff or contractors during the warranty process and this will void the company warranty under these circumstances.

  • The warranty includes fault of fabric and mechanisms due to normal use in and for the purpose intended of the product.
  • Premier Shades reserves the right to fix or replace any blinds or awnings under warranty before offering a refund
  • The warranty is for the goods named on the invoice only.
  • Please be clear to check your order that is posted to you and call the office immediately if there are any discrepancies or you are unclear of what you have ordered.


Many of our suppliers offer extended warranties on their products. This warranty covers the product only, not Premier Shade's time for servicing or fitting. If a manufacturer of fabric, materials or componentry has stated a longer warranty than Premier Shade's standard 2 years we will source the goods under their warranty for the client. However, Premier Shades' time must be charged to cover any labour costs, transportation costs and any manufacturing costs. This may include but is not limited to
installation. When a product is under extended warranty we ask that we send a service person out when we are in the area. This may take up to 7 days. There will be no call out fee involved for extended warranty products. However you must be clear at the time of reporting the warranty that your product is under extended warranty. Once it is established it is a warranty claim, Premier Shades will be upfront with any costs before proceeding. A deposit before starting work will be required. That is for example, if a fabric manufacturer has stated a 5 year warranty for their fabric. Premier Shades will source the fabric under warranty for the client if it is past Premier Shades standard 2 years warranty. However, Premier Shades will need to charge the client for any removal of existing awning and then re-installation. They may also need to pass on the cost to get the product re-made using the new fabric. Premier Shades will be clear of any costs before proceeding. Please direct all warranty claims via our office and we will organise things for you.


If the goods were picked up from Premier Shades' premises and installed by the client, the client is required to return them to the showroom/factory of Premier Shades to have them serviced.


If the goods are out of warranty (after 2 years), a service call fee is applicable for a representative of Premier Shades to visit the premises. This is a minimum of $110.00. The goods will be serviced onsite if possible. The service call fee is payable, regardless of the time it has taken to fix the issue or if the issue can be fixed at all. The service call fee is to cover the representative's time away from quoting and installation. If the goods need to be removed to be fixed, we will endeavour to do so with the least amount of disruption to the client. If there will be any other cost involved, we will inform the client and get their approval before we proceed. We will inform the client of time frames and expectations at the time.

Alternatively Premier Shades keeps all major parts to repair blinds. If you would like to repair a blind yourself please call into our factory and we will sell you the parts required.


  • Fair wear and tear.
  • Misuse of the product.
  • Damage resulting from accident, children, pets, or tenants.
  • Excessive Storm damage.
  • Clients change of mind regarding the product.
  • Water damaged from leaving windows open. (Excluding
  • some shutter products)
  • Clients expectations of a product that are not what the product is designed to do,
  • Leaving Awnings out in excess winds and storms.
  • Client expecting the product to be different to what is the industry standard. If you are unsure of how your product will look or operate please visit our showroom. We have most of the products we sell on display in our showroom and operational.

In the information outlined in Guides to Standards and Tolerances available through Department of Fair Trading it mentions that slight variations in the colour and finish of materials do not always constitute a defect. Whilst we will make every effort to ensure you are completely happy with your product, sometimes lighting can affect the way a product appears.  If an issue cannot be seen from a distance of 1.5m or greater in non-critical light we may deem it not defective.


The final payment is due on the day of installation. The installer will not always have credit card facilities on him.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express (Amex attracts a 3% surcharge) credit cards for final payments, as well as direct deposit, bank cheques, money order or cash.

If you are unable to pay the installer at the time of installation, please call the office to organise payment by creditcard over the phone on the day.If this is not suitable please call into the office during office hours to arrange payment prior to installation . If you are doing a direct deposit, we will require the direct deposit receipt be given to the installer or emailed to the office (sales@premiershades.com.au). The bank deposit details are on the sales order.

Goods remain the property of Premier Shades until paid in full. Non-payment will result in voiding all warranty. We do not accept holding payment if there is an issue and an item is under warranty, as we have solid warranty guarantees and honour our warranty and service agreements. We abide by all Department of Fair Trading laws regarding warranty and refund procedures. Please see below.

We do not accept personal cheques as final payment unless prior arrangement has been made.   

We do not accept that you cannot pay until you visit your holiday property.  We are a small business and cannot wait months for payment. We have incurred material and wage costs to finish and install your goods at the agreed time.  We will happily take photos of the goods installed. 



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