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Q: How much room should I allow for the curtain when its open and stacked to one side?
Q: How wide can a curtain go?
Q: Should a curtain touch the floor?
Q: How much extra is it to motorise a curtain?
Q: What’s the most popular curtain?

Roller Blinds

Q: What is the widest roller blind you can do?
Q: What is the best blockout roller blind?
Q: What is a day/night roller blind?
Q: How long will it take to get my roller blinds?
Q: Is it expensive to motorised a roller blind?
Q: What can be done to make sure the Roller blinds don't bang in the wind?
Q: What is the difference between a light filtering fabric and a sunscreen fabric

Venetian Blinds

Q: How wide can the Venetian Blind go?
Q: What does a Venetian blind look like?
Q: Are Venetian blinds still in fashion?

Vertical Blinds

Q: Do you have to have those dangling chains on the bottom of vertical blinds?
Q: What side can I have the controls on a vertical blind?
Q: Whats the best blockout vertical blind?
Q: Whats the widest a vertical blind can go?
Q: Are vertical blinds still popular?
Q: How fast can I get Vertical blinds for my home?


Q: How long do the motors last?
Q: If I motorise my blinds, can I control them remotely?
Q: How long is the warranty for motorised blinds?
Q: Can I motorise my outdoor awnings?
Q: How do I set the bottom limit for my Somfy motorised blinds?

PVC Plantation Shutters

Q: Do you have trained and qualified ziptrak installers?
Q: What is the widest a Ziptrak Awning can go?
Q: Can you motorise Ziptrak Awnings?
Q: Will the Ziptrak stop rain coming onto my outdoor area?

Printed Blinds

Q: What blinds can be printed?
Q: What can we print onto a blind?
Q: Are printed blinds expensive?
Q: Can I print external blinds?

Somfy Connexoon

Q: I have Somfy motorized blinds, can I get the SOMFY CONNEXOON to operate them?
Q: Can I still use my blinds if I have no WIFI?
Q: Can I pre programme the blinds to go up and down at certain times?
Q: Can I look at this product first, before I consider buying it?
Q: Can I just buy the Somfy Connexoon WIFI hub and do it myself?
I just needed to say thankyou for the great service, product and customer service from all your staff. The Verticals & Venetians look amazing.just what I wanted and I am very happy.  Tha...

Gayle Tilbury

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Posted on 1 January 2021
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