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PVC Plantation Shutter FAQs

Q: How much do Plantation Shutters cost?
Q: I have a sliding door, will that work with Shutters?
Q: Where are the Shutters Made?
Q: Why Choose a PVC Synthetic Shutter over a Wooden Shutter?
Q: Is there better Quality PVC Synthetic Window Shutters?
Q: How quickly can my shutters be ready?
Q: Can I get interest free finance for shutters?
Q: How wide can the shutters go?
Love the new blinds that turn my spa area into an indoor-outdoor room. Can you even see them? They are as clear as glass! Now I can enjoy my spa even on windy days, like today. Thanks Jim and Reece...


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We make Venetian Blinds, they don't....

Posted on 25 March 2021
Premier Shades are the ONLY blind manufacturer on the Central Coast that still make Venetian Blinds from scratch! What they do A cheap PVC Ve...

Mould on your Blinds?

Posted on 18 February 2021
The main reason mould forms on blinds is a combination of
dust and moisture near the window.     A little dust on your blinds ...

Are your current blinds older than 7 years?

Posted on 1 January 2021
We once had this fridge. It was 18 years old. It still worked, but it would grow this big block of ice in the back of it every few weeks that I h...

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