Control your blinds, awnings, curtains and roller shutters with a smartphone or tablet!

With Somfy Connexoon, it's easy to transform your experience with Somfy-powered motorised solutions and maximise the benefits that they provide, such as energy savings, privacy, comfort and convenience. The Somfy Connexoon puts you in control so that you can operate up to 30 products or groups of products including your motorised blinds, awnings, curtains and shutters from your favourite mobile device whether you're home or not.
Somfy Connexoon provides energy savings, privacy, comfort, convenience, operate multiple window finishings remotely

Control with your smart phone app

Once you have purchased the SOMFY CONNEXOON you can access the free downloadable app, follow the instructions and get your SOMFY CONNEXOON to start operating your blinds, curtains and awnings from your smart phone or iPad (iPhone or android). 

On-screen Setup Wizard

The free download app walks you through the process and settings for getting you up and running instantly.

Remote Access

You can control your motorised blinds, curtains and awnings whether you're at home or away from home. Forgot to put the blinds down at the hot end of the house? No problem. As long as your smart phone is connected to WIFI you can control your blinds remotely. You don't need to be at home, or even in the country for that matter.

Timed Events

Schedule "scenes" to automate regular situations in your home. For example, blinds up for the morning sunrise, blinds down for the hot afternoon sun, or all blinds down when you leave the house or go on holidays. The ideas are endless. You can also control "scenes" with voice activated technology with "Amazon Alexa" and "Google Home".  


Each member of your house can have the app on their smart phone device with only one SOMFY CONNEXOON. If you don't have WIFI access, but another member of the family does, they can operate the blinds for you. 


SOMFY CONNEXOON controls all Radio Somfy Technology RTS products including blinds, curtains, awnings, Ziptraks, folding arm awnings, roller shutters as well as RTS enabled lighting devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: I have Somfy motorised blinds, can I get the SOMFY CONNEXOON to operate them? 
Yes. If you have existing Somfy motors in your blinds, curtains or awnings you can purchase the SOMFY CONNEXOON and start operating your blinds and awnings from your smart phone. If you're tech savvy you may want to do it yourself, or if you purchased your blinds, curtains or awnings Premier Shades can organise to programme it for you (at a small fee).

The SOMFY CONNEXOON is a WIFI hub that connects to your current WIFI. You then download the free SOMFY CONNEXOON app from your app store and it will walk you through how to programme your Somfy motorised products.

FAQ: Can I still use my blinds if I have no WIFI?
Yes, you can still use your remote control as long as you have electricity connected to your home. You need WIFI to operate the SOMFY CONNEXOON from your smart phone device.  If your blinds are battery charged and they are fully charged, you will be able to operate them from your remote control if there is no power in the home. 

FAQ:Can I pre programme the blinds to go up and down at certain times?
Yes, we call that "Scenes". You can programme multiple scenes with SOMFY CONNEXOON. You can also programme scenes with "Amazon Alexa" and "Google Home". Somfy Connexoon is enabled with voice activation technology. 

FAQ:Can I look at this product first, before I consider buying it?
Yes, this product is on display and operational at Premier Shades showroom at 18/482 Pacific Highway, Wyoming on the Central Coast. When in store, ask for a free demonstration.

FAQ: Can I just buy the Somfy Connexoon WIFI hub and do it myself?
Yes, we have a special on our online store. We can ship the WIFI hub anywhere in Australia.  click here to purchase.


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