Motorised Blinds - Central Coast & Hornsby

  • Most blinds can be motorised (roller blinds, dual roller blinds, panel blinds, vertical blinds, honeycomb blinds, external blinds).
  • Remote controlled from up to 20 metres away.
  • Multiple blinds can be controlled from one remote. Separately or at the same time.
  • Convenient and ideal for arthritic suffers or people with mobility issues. It's easier to use a remote with no heavy winding up and down.
  • Ideal for hard to reach places.
  • Battery powered motors available and can be installed without an electrician.
  • Premier Shades are Somfy Gold Licensed automation dealers.
  • Somfy motors have offered an extended warranty of 5 years.
  • Premier Shades use Somfy Electrical services to extend your motor warranty from 5 to 7 years.
  • Premier Shades also can supply Somfy battery rechargable motors for roller blinds.
Remote controlled Somfy motorised blinds are a great solution for mobility concerns and hard to reach places
  • All up and down limits are set before we leave.
  • Choice of number of channels on your remote that can control up to 25 blinds.
  • Some of our motorised blinds can connect to your home automation system and CBUS.
  • Our Somfy range of motors can connect to CONNEXOON wifi hub and you can control your blinds from your mobile phone (see more info below).
  • Premier Shades can include electrician in quote for a complete service.
  • Most of our internal motorised blinds are made in our factory at Wyoming. 
  • Many motorised blinds are on display at the Premier Shades showroom at Wyoming and Hornsby.

Control your blinds with a remote control. Up to 16 channels in 1 remote



The latest technology from Europe is now available, making motorisation of your blinds more accessible. 

SOMFY SONESSE 30, SOMFY ALTUS 28 lithium battery powered motorised blinds make motorisation affordable.

Just recharge the lithium battery (which is encased inside the roller tube) by connecting the charger to a point on the outside of the roller tube. Similar to charging a mobile phone. It takes a few hours to completely recharge. Most battery powered blinds need charging every 3-6 months.  You will need to recharged it more regularly if you use it frequently or if it is a heavier blind than normal. The charger also comes with an extension cord, so if the powerpoint is not close it can still be reached to recharge.  

The SOMFY SONESSE 30, SOMFY ALTUS 28 motorised battery charged roller blinds can also be connected to the WIFI hubs and controlled by your smart phone, ipads and other devices, as well as a wall switch and hand held remote control. 

Lithium Ion batteries DO degrade over time, as does everything.

The real question is how much and when. Our lifecycle testing suggests that our Li-Ion batteries exhibit nominal annual degradation and that the degradation is consistent over time (i.e. there is no cliff where the batteries will unexpectedly stop holding a charge). The batteries will degrade slowly over time the rate depends on load, environmental conditions, manufacturing and use. But they can hold a meaningful charge for the duration of their useful life (500 charges).

Somfy Motors offer an EXTENDED WARRANTY (see our warranty page for explanation of what "extended warranty" is")   UP TO 5 year warranty on the Somfy Sonesse 30 & Somfy Altus 28 is 3 years.

The technology is proven and reliable. Premier Shades have been selling these types of motors since 2016 with an error rate of less than 2%.  Premier Shades staff have this style of motorised blind in their own homes. 

Occasionally, as with anything else, we will experience product failures with our Lithium Ion battery motors. As such, we offer and stand behind an extended 5 year warranty on all Li-Ion battery motors. Should the motor fail to perform, simply contact Premier Shades to make a warranty claim (see warranty page for further information). If it is after 2 years it falls under our "extended warranty terms".


SOMFY SONESSE brand is the premium internal motor and are known worldwide for being one of the QUIETEST on the market. SOMFY have recently released a new motor in their wireless range - the Sonesse 30. It does not require an electrician, but is powered by a battery that is rechargable in your own home. It connects to all the other SOMFY products, and incorporates their extra quiet motor technology.

The SONESSE 30 is on display in our Wyoming Showroom.

  • Battery encased inside the motor and inside the tube.
  • Can be installed in most new roller blinds (minimum sizes apply).
  • Can operate heavy blinds internal blinds  up to 6kg
  • 300 cycles per charge. Charge twice a year (or less depending on use).
  • Easy to charge in only 2 hours. Like a mobile phone charger.
  • Remote control, wall switch or smart device operation.
  • Connect to voice activation with Google Home or Amazon Alexa using Connexoon.
  • Safer than cords. Child Safe.
  • Quality European market leading brand with 5 year warranty.

Control Your Somfy Motorised Blinds From Your Mobile Phone Anywhere In The World!


  • The latest technology available from Europe is now available at Premier Shades
  • If you have existing Somfy Motorised Blinds you can get this technology NOW for under $250 plus installation.
  • If you are thinking of purchasing Somfy Motorised Blinds you can have the SOMFY CONNEXOON  feature added for under $250.
  • You must have WIFI connected in your home/office where the blinds are fitted.
  • You must have WIFI connected where you want to control the blinds from (either at home, or where ever you are in the world).
  • Contact Premier Shades to purchase the SOMFY CONNEXOON and organise for Premier Shades to have it connected and your blinds synced to it.
  • The SOMFY CONNEXOON hub plugs into your internet.
  • Download the FREE app from your app store on your phone. Available for iPhone and android.
  • Works on hard wired motorised blinds and lithium battery charged motorised blinds.
  • Anyone in the house/office can control it from their phone.
  • Control up to 30 blinds.
  • You can still use your remote, or your smart phone.
  • You can have the blinds pre programmed from your phone to go up and down at certain times of the day/night.
  • For example. Blinds come down at 6pm each night and up at 6am.  Or set for sunrise and sunset (your phone knows when this is).
  • You can set different programmes for different times of the day.  For example you could programme the blinds in your office to always be down on weekends.
  • This technology on display at Premier Shades Showroom 18/482 Pacific Highway, Wyoming.

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