Fixed Awnings - Central Coast & Hornsby

Fixed awnings can be practical and decorative.  We have a large range to choose from and to suit your needs. Some are designed to protect from the sun and rain, while others make your entrance into a "statement" piece for your home.

The Caribbean Aluminium Awning

The Caribbean window awning is a classic style of aluminium window awning made with Hunter Douglas fabrication parts.  The Caribbean is not 100% waterproof but is ideal for shade over doorways, sliding doorways and windows.

  • Custom-made width up to 5000mm.
  • Standard Projections are: 750mm, 900mm 1050mm and 1200mm.
  • Caribbean awnings can have open or closed sides. Enclosed sides are an optional extra.
  • A Caribbean awning is assembled attaching the aluminium panels together.  You can have 1 plain colour throughout the window awning, or multiple colours, for example stripes.
  • Colours: Galaxy, Anvil, Federation Green, Rivergum, Merino, Primrose, White.

We have a Caribbean window awning on display in our showroom at Wyoming. Colour swatches are also available in the showroom or when our consultant visits your home.

Carbolite Window Awnings

Carbolite Window Awnings are ideally used to cover doorways, sliding doorways, and walkways.

Our custom-made polycarbonate window awnings are designed to allow for natural light to shine through while blocking out the harsh Australian heat. The Carbolite window awning also protects from the rain. Sheet colour choice will affect the heat blocking properties. Ask your consultant for more information and to see sample colours.


  • Translucent and lightweight.
  • Tough and long-lasting.
  • Leakproof.
  • Custom made up to 10 metres wide and up to 1600mm projection.
  • Your choice of 8mm Twin wall poly carbonate sheeting available in 5 design colours. Clear, Grey, Bronze, Solar Metallic and Solar Ice. Sheeting sizes are 725mm including join strip.
  • Your choice of 4 standard frame colours: Pearl White, Primrose, Anodic Bronze and Satin Black. Special colours are available on request and for a surcharge.

Design Style




We have a Carbolite window awning on display in our showroom at Wyoming. Colour swatches are also available in the showroom or when the consultant visits your home.

Dutch Hood Canopy Awning

A Dutch hood canopy awning is a European style awning which has fabric covered over an extruded anodised aluminium frame. The fabric can be canvas, acrylic or PVC.  They look fantastic with either plain fabric or striped fabric and can create a dramatic entrance to a shopfront or home. The valance can be plain or with a scallop edge. Dutch hood canopy awnings make a real statement for the entry to a home, or a chic café.  Yes, you can have them sign written with your logo.

The decorative "Dutch Hood" or "Cupola" fabric awnings are decorative and practical.  Adding a touch of style to a home. They can create a "Seaside resort feel" or a "Mediterranean Villa feel" depending on the style of fabric you choose. Dutch hood awnings can be "reskinned", that is, if the frame is still in good condition, we can take it down, re-cover it with new fabric and re-install.

  • Standard custom-made sizes go up to 3500mm wide.
  • standard projections are: 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm and 1350mm. 
  • Sizes bigger than this are quoted as price on application.
Stripped Dutch Hood Canopy Awnings | Premier Shades Central Coast

Please note: The Cupola (Bow) Canopy Style awning is also available from Premier Shades. Similar pricing as the Dutch hood canopy awning.

Premier Shades has a Dutch hood canopy window awning on display in their showroom at Wyoming. Fabric swatches are also available in the showroom or when the consultant visits your home.

Cupola (Bow) Canopy Awnings | Premier Shades Central Coast

Wedge and French Canopy Awning

Keeping with the European theme, this style of fabric awning has more straight lines than that of the Dutch hood. French canopies have a squared off front whereas wedge canopies come to a point.

This style of awning is fabric covered (choose from PVC, canvas, acrylic) over an anodised aluminium frame. Because this is a custom-made window awning, we can make it to the angle you need (within specifications of the product the main point to remember is the height must be a minimum of 1/3rd the projection.

It can have straight or scalloped valance and can have logos on it. Widths up to 6000mm and maximum projection of 1500mm. Freight limitations may apply, which means it would need to be assembled onsite.

Wedge and French Awnings | Premier Shades Central Coast

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