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Pivot Arm Awnings Central Coast

Premier Shades are the local experts in Pivot Arm Awnings.

Standard Pivot Arm

  • Comes with a hood.
  • Brackets are fixed and not adjustable
  • Basic open hood.
  • Designed for brick fitting only.
  • Can be motorised, or operated with rope and reel, crank handle or internal winch.

System 2000 Pivot Arm

  • Adjustable brackets
  • flexible to suit fitting for brick, timber or cladding.
  • Open hood design.
  • Can go as wide as 4800mm.
  • Can be motorised, or operated with rope and reel, crank handle or internal winch.

Ravi Pivot Arm Awning

  • The Ravi System is cassetted, adjustable brackets,
  • Suitable for brick, timber and cladding.
  • It has a stylish enclosed hood style and when folded up neatly stows away.
  • Can go as wide as 6000mm - great for sliding doors
  • Maximum projection is 1500mm
  • Ravi can operate by gear box with crank handle for ground floor or lower installation or motorised.
  • Not available with internal winch or rope and reel.
Download Ravi Brochure

Ravi Pivot Arm Awnings

Ravi is a high quality pivot arm awning perfect for controlling light and heat by shading even the largest windows.
Control your privacy with the Ravi pivot arm by quickly and easily raising or lowering the angle of your awning
Ravi pivot arms create various levels of shade throughout the day with easy position adjustement

Pivot Arm Diagrams

A standard or system 2000 pivot arm allows you the choice of a rope and pulley or crank handle operation
Rope and Pulley versus Crank Handle
Operating the rope and pulley or rope and reel is easy with the standard or system 2000 pivot arm awnings
Rope and Reel Operation
Crank handle operated awnings are easy to operate and look stylish
Pivot arm awnings are stylish and practical

Come and see the Ravi system in our showroom today or download the Premier Shades Ravi brochure for more information.

Standard pivot arm awnings can be motorised or operated with a role and reel, crank handle or internal winch

Standard Pivot Arm

Ravi pivot arm awnings is suitable for brick, timber and cladding and is operated by gear box with crank handle or motorised

Ravi Pivot Arm Awning

Standard pivot arm awnings have fixed brackets and designed for brick fitting only

Standard Pivot Arm

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