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The Straight Drop Verandah Awning is a traditional awning style is very similar to an internal blind except it has material and components designed for outside use. It can come with or without a hood. It is ideal for sun/UV protection, air flow and where channels or frames are not suitable or too costly.

With the straight drop fitting style, it's the perfect option where you need cover without the hassle of extra fixtures.

Premier Shades specialise in Straight Drop Awnings.  They are one of the more popular awnings we sell and we have many on display in our showroom at Wyoming.

Ideal uses:

  • an affordable solution to enclosing a verandah area.
  • Available in wide range of fabric choices. Acrylic, Mesh, PVC, Canvas
  • Custom made to fit your exact area.
  • Ability to connect vertical from top roll or at an angle for the sun.
  • Easy to use
  • Air flow as the blind does not seal in all sides.
  • Suits both modern and older styles home
  • Ideal if you want to have coverage just to the banister/railing or right to the floor.
  • Maximum width 4600mm x 2800mm (drop) or 3800mm width x 3600mm (drop)
Straight Drop Verandah Awning

Options for Straight Drop Verandah Awnings

Spring Loaded Straight Drop Verandah Awning

The tube comes with a spring inside it and the blind easily retracts up when not in use.  When pulled down by hand it is usually attached to the decking area floor with a strap adaptor and single dog clips (see image). Can be made with or without a hood.
Spring Loaded Straight Drop Verandah Awning in Outdoor Pool Area

Crank Handle Operated Straight Drop Verandah Awning

This external blind is NOT spring loaded.  You need to wind it up and down with the crank and handle. Once in place you can easily remove the handle.  You only need one handle for several awnings. It gives you the ability to control the straight drop awning to where you want it to stop or how tight you want the fabric. Once the standard double dog clips (see image) are attached at the bottom you can tighten the fabric as you like. Can be made with or without a hood.

Crank Handle Operated Straight Drop Verandah Awning on Windows
Crank Handle Operated Straight Drop Verandah Awning on Balcony

Rope and Reel operated Straight Drop Verandah Awning

The Rope and Reel (or sometimes called cord and reel) straight drop verandah awning is a traditional style external blind.  It is one of the more economical styles of awnings as it is operated by pulling the rope up to what ever height you like and tying it off on a cleatthat will be attached to a nearby post or window frame.  It is good if a window is a bit of a stretch to reach, but the rope can be long enough to reach. Can be made with or without a hood.

Rope and Reel operated Straight Drop Verandah Awning Mechanism
Rope and Reel 
Crank Handle Operated Straight Drop Awning - Hook and Pole

Bottom Fixing Options for all Straight Drop awnings:

1. Double Dog Clips. (Standard Fixing for Crank Handle operation. Suitable for level floors only)
2. Strap Adaptor with Single Dog Clip (Standard fixing for Spring loaded operation. Best for when blind going straight to ground/floor and when fixing point is determined. Suitable for sloping floors)
3. Strap Adaptors with Bungy Strap and saddle hook (option for spring loaded operation)
4. Breeching Staple with cam lock strap/buckle and single dog clips.(ideal for attaching to balustrades/railings or floor with another mounted stainless-steel saddle handle or can adjust the clearance to the floor. Suitable for sloping floors)
5. Breeching Staple with cam lock strap/buckle and no dog clip (ideal for attaching to balustrades/railingsor floor with a breaching staplesuitable for sloping floors where you adjust the clearance to the floor)
6. Flush mount plate (Cellar lift) mounted flat in the floor where dog clips can hook onto when in use, and when not in use lies flush with floor. (ideal for walkways)

Straight Drop Awning - Double Dog Clip Diagram
Straight Awning Strap Adaptor - Single Dog Clip Diagram
Straight Drop Awning - Breeching Staple and Strap - Single Dog Clip - Diagram

PNP Sunshade Straight Drop Awning

A modern twist!

The PNP Sunshade is a NEW more stylish design of the traditional straight drop awning. It incorporates the spring-loaded system with a few improved design features.   The unique, high quality White PVC lock down system makes the PNP Sunshade one of the easiest and quickest blinds on the market to secure and operate. We can install this stylish blind with multiple lock down systems on your verandah.  You can have the blind stopping at the balustrade or all the way down to the floor.  This blind is on display to use at our showroom in Wyoming.

Maximum 4000mm wide x 1800mm drop.  Or 2200mm wide x 3000mm drop.

PNP Sunshade Straight Drop Awning
PNP Sunshade Straight Drop Awning

Weather Resistant

Click Below to See Fabric Colour Ranges

Barrington CANVAS Fabric Range
Docril Fabric Colour Range. (Acrylic)
Outlook Premium Screen Fabric Colour Range.

Straight Drop Awnings are on display in our showroom. Come in and test them out. We know you will love them.

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