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  • Ziptrak®, Zipscreen, or Zippered external blinds are often referred to as Café Blinds. Originally used in Cafes, more and more people are enjoying them to enclose their outdoor entertaining areas in their homes.
  • Also known as Ziptrak® Awnings, Zipscreen Awnings, Zippered Awnings and Straight Drop Awnings.
  • Can be made with PVC, Acrylic or Sunscreen mesh fabric.
  • Can span up to 6000mm wide.
  • Custom made to your exact measurements for a seamless look.
Cafe Blinds Central Coast | Ziptrak Cafe Blinds | Premier Shades
  • Can be motorised.
  • Can be made with removable posts to put them alongside each other.
  • Ideal for enclosing patios, decks and entertaining areas.
  • Can be motorised or operated manually. 
  • Ziptraks® can be operated with spring assisted ease.
  • No council approval needed.

Video Demonstrations

Rain blocking ability of Mode Privacy Outlook Mesh.

Here's a short video showing how protective Outlook screen fabric is in all weather conditions.

In this video they point a hose directly at the screen that Premier Shades primarily use for the Cafe Blinds and Ziptrak® external blinds.

See how the water falls down the side of the fabric and imagine how the rain would fall. We use Outlook screen fabric a lot in our external blinds as they can also let some air flow through and protect you from the heat (unlike PVC). Screens can certainly protect you from light rainfall or rain that isn't coming directly at you. Premier Shades have a large display of Outlook screens in their Wyoming showroom.

The Wind Reduction Capabilities of Outlook Mesh

This quick video shows you how the Outlook Mesh on your Ziptrak® or cafe blind can protect you from wind so you can still sit outside and enjoy a breezy day. 

Whilst these are not used for wind breaks or useful to protect your home in storms (let's remember its still just a piece of fabric) they are great if you like sitting outside and get a lovely afternoon breeze. 

It dampens the strength of the breeze, so it's pleasant to sit outside and enjoy the view.  Ideal for properties with waterviews that get an afternoon breeze.

Temperature difference from outside house to inside verandah with Outlook Mesh (Wheat Colour)

How much  heat will it really block?  In this quick video it shows you the difference on a hot day.  Michelle measures the heat from the outside of the verandah awning or blind, then on the inside of the verandah.  Its reducing the heat by around 4 degrees. This inturn slows down the heat entering your home. The earlier you put the awning down, the better it is from stopping your home from heating up.

What's great about the Outlook Mesh when it is used in this product is that it doesn't darken your home as you can still see out. 

Why Ziptrak® Spring Balanced - Crank vs Spring

If you wonder how easy our Ziptrak® blinds are to operate watch this quick video.  Ziptrak® external blinds are spring assisted and can be made up to 6 metres wide. We can have locking points along the post if you would like to lock them half way. We can also make them with a removable post to cover an even bigger area. We have Ziptraks® on display and operational with both outlook screen and PVC fabrics. You're welcome to visit and try them out in our showroom at Wyoming. Ziptraks® are the modern cafe blind. They enclose a pergola or deck easily without the expensive cost of a builder. They create an extra all year entertaining area.

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