Privacy Policy

Premier Shades does not sell your personal details to any third party. 

We do retain your name, address, phone details, purchase history and email information in our systems. As our purchasing and ordering systems are computerised, this is automatically done. It helps you are looking to match fabrics or types of blinds, and often saves you from finding warranty paperwork.

We occasionally use your information for promotions and marketing purposes. This is mainly for our regional based customers and only for our own use. If we do use your details for marketing purposes in the future we will comply with all required laws and codes.  For example we will always offer an unsubscribe button on email marketing, or take your name off any database marketing immediately upon your request.

If you make a deposit or purchase spare parts from us on our website, your credit-card details are processed via Stripe, a secure online payment processor.  We do not have access to your credit-card number from Stripe and cannot use it in the future unless you give us to us again over the phone.

If you ring the store and pay by credit-card we process the credit-card as a telephone order as per Westpac's terms and conditions.  We will send out an eftpos receipt with your order confirmation or final payment.  If for some reason you don't receive this, please ask us. We do not store credit-card details unless you ask us to do so for final payment.

We will occasionally use photos of work we have done for you for promotional purposes such as on Facebook or our website. If this is something you do not want us to do, please let us know immediately.

Central Coast Showroom

18/482 Pacific Hwy
Wyoming NSW
Australia 2250

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Hornsby Showroom

JBA Carpet Court
18 Salisbury Road Hornsby
NSW Australia 2077

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