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  • Latest VERSION, the NEW Automate Pulse 2 Wifi Hub for Acmeda motors. Released in Australia - January 2020. NOW IN STOCK. 
  • Each Automate Pulse 2Hub supports up to 30 motorized window treatments
  • The NEW Automate Pulse 2 Hub can be used on battery powered blinds and 240V remote controlled motorised blinds, internal and external. (Acmeda motored blinds only)
  • The Automate Pulse 2 Wifi Hub is a plug in device, you plug into a power socket, near your WIFI.
  • You need to download the free app from your app store to operate the Automate Pulse 2 WIFI HUB.
  • Works on iPhone (10 or greater)  and android devices (6 or greater)
  • Set up external and internal blinds on the same app. (only same branded motors)
  • Create up to 20 Rooms, Scenes and timers
  • Invite up to 4 users per Automate Pulse 2Hub with full control privileges and their own "Favourites" list.
  • Use anywhere you have WIFI, even if you are not home. Put the blinds up or down at home, while you are at work.
  • See on your smart phone device where the actual blind is in position on the window.
  • Smart phone device notifies you when battery powered blinds need recharging.
  • Administrator account allows system configuration
  • Set up, activate and deactivate timers. Put all blinds up at dawn and down at dusk for example.
  • Create Scenes. Example: Movie Scene, all blinds in lounge go down to watch a movie.
  • Animation and end position status provided through 2 way feedback from motors.
  • Favourite position setting & recall.
  • Easily linked toGoogle Assistant, Apple Home Kit, and Amazon Alexa for voice activation. For example "Alexa - loungeroom blinds down" 
  • Works with IFTTT and Smart Things



Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?
A WIFI Hub is purchased that is then plugged into your power socket, next to your WIFI connection.  You then download a free app from the app store that relates to the type of motors you have in your blinds

Is it easy to set up?
If you are tech savvy, you could follow the prompts on the app and set it up yourself once you have purchased the WIFI HUB. If not any reputable licensed blind motorization company could do it for you for a small fee.  No electrician is required. Premier Shades at 18/482 Pacific Highway, Wyoming, NSW, 2250 offer this as a service.  Please call to get a quote.

Where can I get the Acmeda Automate Pulse 2 WIFI HUB?
You can purchase the Automate Pulse 2 Wifi online here and we will post it to you, or you can call into our showroom during opening hours and purchase one.

What if I don't have WIFI?
This technology only operates with WIFI. If your WIFI is not operating, then you will not be able to control your blinds with the app, however you can still use your remote control as long as you have electricity connected.  If you have the re-chargeable battery operated blinds, they will operate without electricity as long as they are fully charged.

I already have the Acmeda Re-chargeable battery motors in my blinds, can I use the AUTOMATE PULSE 2 WIFI HUB?  Yes, purchase Automate Pulse Wifi Hub instore at Premier Shades or online here. If you are unsure and you purchased your blinds from Premier Shades, call and we will check your file.

I don't know what brand my motors are. Does it work on any motors?  No, the Acmeda Automate Pulse 2 WIFI HUB only works on Acmeda motors.  Contact where you purchased your motorised blind from and they may be able to tell you.

I would like this technology, but just have regular chain operated roller blinds. Can I get motors put in on my existing blinds and then get the WIFI PULSE HUB?
It depends. Your blinds will need to be custom made Australian blinds made in the last 2 years (not off the shelf from a hardware store). The difference is often the tube size to fit the motors and the components being compatible. We may be able to fit the Acmeda motorised blinds with the battery powered rechargeable Acmeda motors, then the Automate Pulse 2 WIFI  HUB can be connected with your existing blinds.   If you are unsure and  you have purchased your existing blind from Premier Shades in the last 2 years, call and ask if it is possible. We will have your details on hand and can let you know.

I need more tech support. 

Speak to Acmeda Tech Support on 03 93550100 in Australia. Alternatively Google "Acmeda trouble shooting Wifi Hub" on Youtube and there is a short video on how to do it. 

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