Touch sensitive RTS wall switch which comes with a range of frame colour and finish options.

White with White Frame

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  • Up / Stop ("my" button) / Down functions
  • Open / Stop (« my » button) / Close functions

1. Wireless
- Wireless control unit. Can be placed anywhere. No cabling.

2. Battery low indicator
- Helps with your remote diagnosis (remaining battery life) and ensures that the user's control unit will always be on.

3. "my" function
- Memorizes the favorite position of a product and allows you to find it instantly by pressing the «my» button. Simple to program and to modify.

4. 1 channel

I had pretty big windows and that had odd corners.  We had just moved into a new house and they had old verticals in there.  The shutters have really made a difference.  I'm noticing ...

Jessica H.

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