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"The most effective blockout blind on the market...and I've seen a lot!"

Posted on 16 April 2019
"The most effective blockout blind on the market...and I've seen a lot!"

That is according to Director of Premier Shades, Sharon Tieman, the Ziptrak Internal Blockout blind is hands down the most effective blockout blind on the market.

The Ziptrak internal blockout blind is not only practical with blocking out the light but its also terrific insultation as it is gliding smoothly with a track system and reducing light bleed and air gaps.

What makes it different to the other so called "blockout blinds" is its unique design and ability to customise to your exact décor and lifestyle.

In my opinion, said Sharon Tieman "it's the perfect combination of Style and functionality.  Not many blockout blinds on the market can claim that"

We've dealt with the Ziptrak external product for many years enclosing client's pergolas and creating terrific alfresco areas. We are considered the local experts on the Central Coast of the product and often get referrals for tricky situations. When the Ziptrak Internal product was released only a handful of Australian companies were granted fabrication authority.  Premier Shades is the only Central Coast retailer of one of the Australian fabricators.

"It needs to be installed correctly and sold correctly to give the client the maximum benefit", said Sharon Tieman. "Ziptrak is an established and creditable Australian brand. They don't just want any backyard operator selling it" 


  • No cords or chains dangling - giving it a seamless look in your home
  • Child Safe - nothing dangling for children to choke on
  • Seamless insulation - because its within a Pelmet and side tracks in reduces light bleed and heat/cold radiating from the window
  • Fingertip control - because of its unique spring system, you can literally lift it up and down with one hand. Actually, one finger on one hand. Ideal for the elderly, children's rooms, or people that struggle with dexterity
  • Total Blockout - choose a blockout fabric from over 100 colours, textures and designs (or get it custom printed) and with the unique pelmet and side channels you won't believe how dark the room can be
  • Eco Friendly - managing the radiant heat and cold that comes through your window so efficiently means you use less heating or cooling inside
  • Custom made to suit any décor - from babies' rooms, to Master Bedrooms to Media rooms. The blockout fabric is not limited to just a few basic colours. 

Frequently Asked Question:

I'm a shift worker. What is the best blockout blind for me?

See our video below.  We use to recommend Aluminium Roller Shutters to our shift worker clients as they are still very efficient for light and NOISE reduction.  The Ziptrak Internal blockout blind will give you sleep able darkness during the day.  However, it is still stylish and can be made to match your décor. You don't have to compromise on style in your home. We can custom made it to suit your bedroom colours but still have a very practical blind. (full disclosure) There is a brush like bottom rail at the bottom to minimise the light bleed. This is the only possible area the smallest amount of light could get through.  See the video or pop into our Showroom to see one and see if it would bother you.

I have a Home Theatre, will a Ziptrak internal blind work?

Yes, definitely. It will give you a seamless look in your Theatre room without big bulking dust collecting curtains.  Ziptrak Internal blinds can even be motorised.  

What about Baby Rooms? 

They are ideal.  Because they are totally safe with no cords or chains you can put the cot right near the window. If you have a problem sleeper or a "cat napper" the Internal Ziptrak also works well. Remember you can get some beautiful custom printed fabrics to match the décor of your babies' room too.

How big can they go?

Unlike some of the more inferior products on the market, the Ziptrak Internal can go Maximum Size 2700mm (wide) x 2700 (drop) or 3000mm (wide) x 2500mm (drop). That's enough to cover a sliding door easily.

How much are they? 

These are a premium product and Australian custom made.  Most clients get them because they are the perfect product for a functional blind that is also stylish.  If you have some rough measurements we can give you a ballpark figure quote - fill out our Request a Quote form below.  Alternatively, we offer a free in-home measurement and quote.  We will bring the fabric suggestions with us and measure and quote on the spot.



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