What's the difference between Blockout, Light Filtering and Sunscreen Blinds
8 May 2024
What are the different fabrics available?When embarking on the journey of building, buying, or renovating your home, it's natural to feel a whirlwind of emotions. Amidst the excitement, however...
Why buy custom made Blinds
1 March 2024
Custom made blinds or off the shelf?Internal blinds are the most popular window furnishing in Australia and for good reason. Blinds give privacy and help with energy costs, keeping the heat/lig...
Elevate your Living Space – Why you should Motorise your Blinds
14 December 2023
Technology has come a long way and the smart home era is here.  The once humble window treatment has undergone a remarkable transformation. Motorised blinds are a sophisticated solution t...
Extend your Outdoor Living
2 November 2023
The allure of outdoor living has grown immensely in recent years, as more and more individuals seek ways to make the most of their outdoor spaces.Folding arm awnings and Zipscreens have emerged as ...
It's time to think about Summer.
22 August 2023
El Nino = hotter summers. Keep your home cool with shading.The bad news: intense heatwave headlines from around the world. In Australia, July 2023 was the hottest July on record. And a predictedEl ...
Blinds on Sliding Doors
28 June 2023
I see this question a lot on home renovating blogs and Facebook groups.  Most people are clear about the rest of the house but when it comes to sliding doors what are the options?What sort of ...
Best blinds to keep the heat in? Honeycombs!
20 June 2023
What are Honeycomb Blinds?Honeycombs blinds , also called Cellular blinds use a hollow cellular structure to trap air in pockets creating an insulation layer. This insulation layer is the...
Can Blinds, Curtains or Shutters help with rising Energy Costs?
22 March 2023

Did you know this about rising electrcity costs?
-    electricity costs are expected to increase 30% this year after rising 20% in 2022.
-    “close your blinds”...

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