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4 best tips for choosing blinds for a rental property?

Posted on 8 May 2018
4 best tips for choosing blinds for a rental property?

When investing in a rental property your main strategy is to keep maintenance costs as low as possible to maximise your rental return.

Blinds and window coverings are something that gets used EVERY DAY, and yet many investors find it is one of the most regrettable expenses.

What are investors looking for in a window covering?

  • Value for money
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe
  • Maintaining a timeless look

Value for money

Our first instinct it to buy the cheapest when it comes to blinds for rental properties. Just something off the shelf at Bunnings or Spotlight. Doesn't matter if it doesn't fit perfectly "it's only a rental!"

A lot of the "off the shelf blinds" available in Australia are made in China. Nothing wrong with that! However, we see a lot of the components and brackets breaking in a short amount of time. Remember most blinds get used "EVERY DAY". They often don't sell replacement components, so you are stuck with a broken blind that can't be used "EVERY DAY" and a complaining tenant. It's the old "Buy cheap, PAY twice!"

A custom made blind from an Australian Manufacturer should fit your window perfectly. It should be covered by a decent warranty where they will come and fix things if they break, and they should have components available if necessary. The fabric should be an easy-care fabric that is easy to keep clean and wipe down. The blind should be fitted with child safety devices, which is the law (fines apply to you and the blind company) and the installer should show your tenants how to use it safely and effectively to avoid wear and tear.


Low maintenance

The lowest maintenance blinds for rental properties are:

  • Roller Blinds: easy to wipe clean. Easy to use. Huge range of colours that fit all decors. Components available for easy fix. Good insulation. Can span up to 3m wide custom made. Affordable.
  • Vertical blinds with a wand control: Use wand control verticals to eliminate the need for child safely cords and locks. Make sure drapes have either sewn in bottom weights or slip in bottom weights. (not with chains). Huge range of colours that fit all decors. Components available for easy fix. Blades can be replaced or updated if track is still working, from 1 blade to 100. Can span up to 5.5m wide custom made. Affordable.
  • Slimline Venetians: Slim modern looking aluminium venetians. Can have wand controls to eliminate cords. Can span 3.75m Custom made. Modern colours. Affordable.


The biggest risk that blinds cause is a choking hazard. Professional Australian Blind companies are aware of the laws around this and will advise and install to government regulations. This protects your tenant and you. The biggest tips are:

  • Make sure children's furniture (Cots) is not near open windows or blind cords.
  • Make sure roller blind cords have safety locks installed so they cannot hook around a child's neck.
  • Remove all chains from the bottom of vertical blinds. Choose sewn in or slip in bottom weights for vertical blinds instead.
  • Choose blinds that can be operated by wands, or motorised.


Maintaining a timeless look

A modern looking, well maintained rental property gets better return.

Most blinds are refreshed every 8 years. Often when a new coat of paint is done. Apart from the walls in the house, the window furnishing covers the next biggest space and make the biggest impact to the look of the property, inside and out.
  • Choose colours that are neutral and timeless - Greys, Creams, off Whites.
  • Choose low maintenance fabrics/material that can easily be wiped down or cleaned to maintain their fresh look.
  • Choose the correct fitted blind for the window. No gaps or overhanging.
  • Choose the right design of blind for a high traffic window. For example, a sliding door.
  • Choose blockout blinds for sleeping areas.


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