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5 mistakes to avoid when choosing blinds, shutters or awnings

Posted on 31 March 2016

Whether its renovating your existing Central Coast home or moving into a brand new place, there are 5 fundamental mistakes you can avoid when choosing your window coverings like blinds, awnings or plantation shutters. 


1. Buy cheap, buy twice.  Don't get me wrong, there is always a time and a place to buy cheap.  You might be moving soon; blowing up the place in the near future, maybe it's a room that is never used...or the garage?  That makes sense!  But let's talk about your own home that you live in now. This is the place you want to feel comfortable and relaxed in.  The wisest thing to do is spend money on quality window furnishings in the most lived, visible areas of your home.  Usually the Lounge/Dining area and also the Master bedroom.  Get what you really want in these areas.  Remember most window furnishings will last up to 8 years. We've all heard stories of friends who claimed that got a 'bargain' only be stressed with shoddy work,  tardy tradesman and poor quality goods.  

2. Everything has to match.  No it doesn't!  When it comes to window furnishings, every room in the house does not have to be the same.  But if can if you like.  Let me explain.  Just like people have feature walls, people have feature window furnishings.  People have themed coloured rooms, themed textures or casual versus formal areas.  You need to make a decision on whether your blinds will be a feature in the room, compliment an existing feature say a lounge, or be a neutral backdrop to compliment a stunning view!  Sometimes the blind is the feature, sometimes the room, the view or the furniture is the feature.  All answers are correct!

3. Choose Style over Function.  Sometimes, you have to choose function first, and then work out the style that suits you. For example......think about how often do you use that sliding door? Are you in and out of it all day every day?   Then choose something practical.  Most window furnishings are fabric and as sturdy as they are, can only take a certain amount of abuse.  Also remember things like 'block out fabric' for bedrooms to protect your sleep from early morning sunlight.  'blockout blinds" are great for hot western facing windows that heat up the house. Remember, a block out blind darkens the room.  On a hot day you may not want the house dark, so ask your window furnishing consultant for advice on giving you privacy and protection from the sun without a dark house.

4. There's nothing wrong with it.  Outdated stained mouldy blinds need to go!   Just because they still work, does not mean they are suitable for your windows.  Everything has a lifespan.  Think of it this way.  If you went to sell your home with blinds like that, what would the new buyer think?  It screams out "neglect" and they start looking for faults in the home.  Like a fresh coat of paint, new blinds add a fresh look to a room for a minimal cost.

5. Remember your Environment.  It is scary these days, but like many industries the blind industry has been hit by cheap imports from Asia.  There is minimal testing for lead or formaldehyde in these fabrics before they are imported.  It concerns me there may be all types of nasties seeping into your room on a hot day.  Purchase your blinds from a reputable dealer, preferably one that has mainly Australian made products. 
Considering a large percentage of the heat and cold enters your home via your windows, blinds are a great insulator.  Anything you put on the inside or outside of your window will slow down the process and help keep your home better insulated.  With the cost of energy these days, blinds and awnings are a good a tool as any to save you money by keeping your home better insulated. 


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