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5 tips for planning a new home build

Posted on 31 January 2018
5 tips for planning a new home build

1. Plan Plan Plan.  There's nothing wrong with getting quotes a head of time. If you have plans, or window schedules you can at least give some measurements and get a rough idea of how much things will cost. Get a spreadsheet going and start adding things up. This way you can take advantage of specials along the way.  You'll know if something is good value and not just a fake 50% off special. 

We have had clients that deposit on a particular window covering they really want, and we lock that price in for them for when they are ready for the blinds. We put everything away for them and they notify us when it is getting close for installation.   Everyone wins.

2. Have a "Good, Better, Best" option.  Your dream, for example "Plantation Shutters" and then a compromise, list.  Have a "not negotiable" list too.  Something that is not up for discussion, and then things you will compromise on to get something you really want.

We have had clients that really want Plantation Shutters, but the budget doesn't allow.  Rather than comprise on getting a quality planation Shutter, the just get the front of the house done. They have added to the "street value" of the property instantly.  Then they get a cheaper window covering like block out roller blinds or verticals for the bedrooms.

3. Visit display homes, showrooms and get onto Pinterest and Houzz. There's an old saying "You don't know, what you don't know".  In this day and age things are developing and improving so quickly even in the blind industry.  A few years ago, motorized blinds were only for the top end of the market.  Now people can motorise a blind quite affordably and link it to their home automation system.  Vertical blinds are no longer boring. There are some beautiful fabrics and designs out of Europe and they are still one of the most practical window covering for a high traffic window.

When people walk into our showroom (the biggest, blind, awning and Plantation Shutter showroom on the Central Coast) they are often amazed at the choices. Not only in types of blinds now available, but colours and textures.  Blinds and window furnishing can add another depth of texture and warmth to a room just by choosing the right colour and texture.

4. Be prepared that things will not always go to plan.  When you are building a home custom made especially for your family, some things are out of your control.  Weather, demand for products that then go on backorder, and other external sources. Its not a one size fits all project.  Its custom made for you.  Blinds are often one of the last thing people organise before they move it.

We have seen so many people who are just "over it" by the time they get to us.  Sick of making decisions, sick of things not going to plan, frustrated with the whole process. While often we have people say to us "you are the only thing that has gone right with this whole build", I'm sure it is not true.  It's just there are so many decisions you have to make, and often quickly.  If you are both working full time and you just don't have the time, there is nothing wrong with employing an interior decorator to help you with decision making.  For a few hours work, they can map out all your colour and design choices and just make the decision-making process so much easier.  They can give you ideas on where to shop and the "look" you are trying to create.

5. Buy Cheap Pay Twice. Choose qualify and value over cheap. I know this seems like I am stating the obvious, but you'll be amazed at how slick salesman can convince you that "its all the same quality but cheaper" just to get you to buy. Then when things go wrong, they are no where to be found.  They don't answer their mobile phone, they have no street address and not interested in fixing an issue. 

I'm constantly amazed how customers with spend literally thousands of dollars on a backyard operator, or a guy in a van from Sydney, then are really surprised when it doesn't turn out the way they expected. There is always a time and a place where cheap is ok, but this is your new home.  Planning and knowing what you are looking for ahead of time will help you get value for money.

Fun Facts:

  • Premier Shades can quote off your plan or window schedule even up to 12 months ahead of time. Upload your plans in our Free New Build Measure and Quote Request
  • Premier Shades can measure for a rough quote once windows are in. A check measure will need to be done once architraves are in and before manufacturing can start.
  • Internal blinds can be 1-4 weeks from deposited quote.  Plantation Shutters are 6-8 weeks. (up to 12 during Chinese New Year). See if your builder will let Premier Shades in to do a check measure so your blinds or Plantation Shutters are ready before you move in?  Alternatively, Premier Shades offer disposable blinds for their clients that can't get access for a measure but want to move in before their Plantation Shutters arrive.
  • Premier Shades can send colour swatches, so you can get an idea of colours and textures or match with paint colours.
  • Premier Shades are Australian blind manufacturers.  They manufacture Verticals, Roller blinds, motorised roller blinds, and timber look venetians in their factory/showroom at 18/482 Pacific Highway, Wyoming.
  • Premier Shades are members of the BMAA (Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia) and also Gold Licensed Somfy Dealers specialising in motorisation of blinds.

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