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Are Shutters worth the money?

Posted on 4 July 2018
Are Shutters worth the money?

Yes, the reputation is deserved. Shutters can add value in 4 ways to your home on the Central Coast!

1. They add curb appeal as they can be seen from the street and instantly say "style" before anyone has entered your home.

2. Real Estate agents often talk about the "wow factor" when buyers walk into a home and Shutters on your windows in the main living area it certainly delivers the 'wow factor'. They are often listed as the features on a home for sale, right after "European kitchen appliances".

3. Terrific insulation both in summer and winter. You will notice the difference in how you manage the weather, plus you now get to sleep with a window open and don't have a banging blinds

4. They can last a long time.  With quality Plantation Shutters for your windows having warranties as long as 25 years, it is a quality window furnishing. (Most blinds are 1 -2 years warranty)

Are plantation shutters expensive?

They are one of the more expensive window furnishing available.  However, they also last longer than other window furnishings. If you are considering good quality plantation shutters on the Central Coast expect to pay anything from $400 to $600 a square metre. Other additional charges could be for bi-fold, sliding or anywhere else where it requires extra work and componentry. Aluminium Plantations Shutters are slightly more expensive than Timber Plantations Shutters or PVC Plantation Shutters.  When you consider your plantation shutters could last you 10 years or more it's worth investing in the best quality you can afford.


Why are they so expensive?

Plantation Shutters are labour intensive.  To make a quality Plantation Shutter there are a number of steps to assemble it to your exact measurements, use quality material and paint with quality paint. 


I've seen some cheap ones, are they any good?

While some of the cheaper Plantation Shutters look the same, there are some major differences. The cheap plantation shutters can use thin PVC plastic that is not painted.It will not have any UV treatment on it, and at the first sign of a hot sunny day may yellow or warp.  The cheaper plantation shutters may use paint that has VOC. (Volatile Organic Compounds).  It can emit odors from chemicals like formaldahyde or lead. Some cheaper shutters are made to one size, then cut down to fit into your window.  This means the material isn't coated entirely in its water resistant paint. At the first sign of moisture it may swell up and burst. 

The 3 biggest lies sales reps will tell you?

  1. All Shutters are the same - they come out of the same factory.  No they don't.  Yes, over 80% of the Plantation Shutters in Australia are made overseas.  But there are different degrees of standards and quality.  To make sure they stick to Australian standards for quality, many quality importers and professionals have Australian staff on location checking to Australian standards.  
  2. PVC are the best Shutters.  For what?  It depends what you are using the shutter for.  Timber Plantation Shutters are ideal for shaped windows and they can be stained in natural wood finishes as well as painted. They can also span wider, than synthetic (PVC) shutters. You may need less panels of shutters for a window therefore giving you more light.  PVC/Synthetic Plantation Shutters are great for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms and although the panels cannot be made as wide, they have a longer warranty.  Get the shutter that suits your situation, not what they are trying to sell you. 
  3. Get Plantation Shutters online, they are so easy to install?  That has not been our experience.  Plantation Shutters are considered a premium product in our industry and only installed by an experienced fitter. 


What's the cheapest shutters?

Often the huge price difference is due to the huge quality differences available.  At the cheaper end of the market expect hollow PVC made shutters that will not handle high heated windows.  They will not have solid internal support (like aluminium, which is found in the better quality Thermopoly Synthetic Shutters) A hot window over 35-40 degrees could see your shutters warp or bend.  Other issues with cheaper shutters are some can be made of chipboard wood and then covered with really thick paint.  A quick karate chop and the shutter may fall apart.  They are also very vulnerable if they get wet.  If you leave a window open they may swell up and burst and not be covered by the warranty.


Why choose Premier Shades for your Plantation Shutters? 

Established over 20 years - if something goes wrong, we are around to fix it.

We offer a no fuss warranty and back up service. 

We put everything in writing.  The brand of the shutter, the colour, the warranty, the size etc. 

We have correct insurances, police checks and abide by the consumer law and the industry code of ethics. 

We are the largest retailer of "Bayview Plantation Shutters" on the Central Coast.  We specialise in them.  However, being an independant business we can get many different shutter brands.  Let us know your requirements and we can source what you need.  Our team are constantly being u updated on fitting and framing technology, colours and design ideas. 

We offer NO INTEREST EVER finance via Certegy Finance. 

We take payment with Visa, Mastercard and Amercian Express with no fees. 

We have the Central Coasts largest display of Plantation Shutters at 18/482 Pacific Highway, Wyoming. 


What our customers say about us.....

"Would just like to thank all at Premier Shades for the professional service and quality Plantation shutters which you  recently installed.
The shop staff were especially helpful and knowledgeable, even taking the time to provide us with an on the spot estimate.
The installer, Brian,  was courteous, professional and very competent and we are so pleased with the finished product......excellent all round.
Thanks again"

Phil and Katy (Green Point)


"A belated 'thank you' Premier Shades for the great job you did with our shutters & blinds. You have given our home a whole new look with which we are extremely happy. The customer service you provided throughout the whole process was great and your after service is excellent. Have already recommended you to others and will continue to do so"

Leah - Bateau Bay


"I had pretty big windows and that had odd corners.  We had just moved into a new house and they had old verticals in there.  The shutters have really made a difference.  I'm noticing the have given us a lot more privacy and insulation and all my friends and new neighbours have noticed how much better the house looks.  Premier Shades was easy to deal with and let me do finance to pay it off"

Jessica H. | Woy Woy


"Many thanks again for such wonderful staff installing my shutters. Brian is very experienced and a master at installing the shutters. His professionalism and expertise needs to be congratulated. I have recommended Premier to all my friends as I have nothing but amazing service and commitment from this wonderful local company"
Fiona. Davistown



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