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Question: Where's the heat coming from?

Posted on 17 December 2019
Question: Where's the heat coming from?

Answer: 72%

If 72% of your heat gain into your house is coming through your windows, then what is the BEST plan of attack to keep your home cool and without cranking up the expensive air conditioner?

Like the roof or walls that you choose to keep your house well insulated, the type of windows and more importantly window covering is an important decision.

If it's important to have tiles over a tin roof and brick walls over a fibro cottage, then its even more important to choose the correct window covering.  Plus let's face it, you use your blinds every day!

What is the best insulation for your windows?

I can't comment on the types of windows you choose or even the effect of tinted windows.  What I will say is we still put plenty of blinds and awnings on fancy windows and fancy windows with tinting and double glazing!

Makes you think doesn't it?

Its all about layers and reducing radiating heat.  OK, back to high school science.  The sun hits the window sun heats up the window from the outside the heat RADIATES inside into your home. The most effective way to stop the heat heating up the glass on the window is from the OUTSIDE first!  That's right.  Awnings, fabric awnings!  Either Canvas, Acrylic or screen. 

The most effective is Canvas, but it can also make your house very dark.  Acrylics and screens are still very effective, and it means you are not sitting in a dark house on a sunny day.

The trick is to choose a colour that doesn't hold the heat. 

Think of it like a CAR.  Black cars are hot.  The lighter colours don't hold the heat but reflect it more and are not as hot.  This is with ALL window coverings. Inside and outside.

However, you can get dark fabric (even black) with a white backing that faces the sun and doesn't heat the house up as fast.

What can you Do?

What type of awning for outside?

I personally have pivot arm fabric awnings over the sliding door.  Bedroom faces west and really cop the heat. By the time I get home, the bedroom is a hothouse. The heat is almost unbearable. When the awning is down, we can still leave the screen door open to allow the southerly breeze to come through.  Its also motorised, so we can programme it to go down mid afternoon before the room heats up. However, we have many types of awnings that suit different situations.

Fun Fact:Because our products are CUSTOM MADE to your exact measurement, get to choose THE FABRIC and the style of AWNING that works best for you.  Allow about 4 weeks from FREE MEASURE and QUOTE to installation.

How do I Block out from the inside?

If you don't like the look of an outside awning, and want to put quality and efficient blinds inside, here are some tips: 

  • Layers and thickness are important. Day/Night Roller blinds work very well. (Dual Roller Blinds)
  • White or lighter colours absorbs less heat than darker colour or choose a dark colour with a white backing.
  • Thick curtains and Plantation shutters are the most efficient.
  • There are specially designed blinds will aluminium backing that reflect the heat from the window. We even have a screen fabric with aluminium backing. The views out are good, but with the added aluminium backing it adds another level of heat and glare protection.

Fun Fact:We do a FREE in-home measurement and quote. Our consultants bring the fabric with them to your home so you can see what matches best with colour and sun protection.   We can also organise free samples of swatches for you too.

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