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Best Investment Rental Property Blinds

Posted on 9 September 2016

Low Maintenance Blinds

The best low maintenance blinds for investment rental properties would beroller blinds with chains secured to a safety lock against the architrave or vertical blinds with wands.

If you choose a plain easy care fabric roller blinds can be as cheap as a vertical and still be custom made.  Roller Blinds can span up to 3000mm wide with standard custom made fabric, so fitting over a sliding door is easy. Not a lot can go wrong with roller blinds. The only issue we see is the chain has broken, if the blind chain is not attached to the wall, or scuff marks on the fabric.  We sell chain connectors, locks and cleates to re-attach to the wall for safety.


Roller Blinds fit easily over a silding door with many fabrics spanning 3000mm


roller blind over a sliding door can be made as one blind

Vertical Blinds with a wand control are versatile, and affordable.  They have the added benefit of being extra safe for children in the home.  With the new child safety laws, its important to not have any hanging hazards.  Modern vertical blinds do not have chains on the bottom, and combining them with a wand control operation eliminates any possibility of safety issues.

Vertical Blinds With Wand Control. Ideal for Tennants. Low Maintenance

Replacing vertical blades are easy if they get damaged.  As long as the track is still working you can replace just 1 blade or the all of the vertical blades for a fresh new look.  At Premier Shades you can bring in the vertical blade drape and we will recut and sew one for you to exactly the same length.  All you need to do is hang it back up.  Prices range from $7 to $22 per blade drape.

Vertical Blinds have come along way in recent years.  There are loads of modern coloured verticals, easy care fabricss and textured more premium fabrics.  For such a versatile blind, you really do have alot of choices. 

Vertical Blinds Are Now Available In Loads Of Modern Fabrics And Designs

Premier Shades also has the spare parts for vertical blades, like top hangers for vertical blinds, bottom weights for vertical blinds, and safety locks and labels for blinds.

Premier Shades use and recommend Chux Magic erasers to geet rid of scuff marks and other marks on roller blind fabric.  

Chux Magic erasers are available at Premier Shades or Coles Supermarket for under $10. 

Vertical Blind Parts And Accessories Are Available At Premier Shades


Adding Value To Your Investment Property

Plantation Shutters add the Wow factor to any property and are often mentioned by real estate agents as some of the highlighted features of a property.  Some of our clients with investment properties put Plantation Shutters in the main entry area, the main living area, or the master bedroom as a feature.  Plantation Shutter give a prestigous look to a property if that is the type of client or rent you are trying to attract. 

Plantation Shutters work as a feature in a main bedroom

You can combine Roller Blinds with a Plantation Shutter (particularly if the property has a nice outlook). The roller blind can be left open to enjoy the view, but down for privacy and insultation, while the Plantation Shutter ads another level of sophication to the room and makes a feature of a corner of the room.  This would also keep the costs down but still being stylish and practical. 

Roller Blinds and Plantation Shutters in the same room.

Venetians and Plantation Shutters can be put in the same room together to keep costs down but add the wow factor of Plantation Shutters.  The downside is plantation shutters are costly when it comes to maintenance.  The main issues we see with maintenance are broken shutter lourves, paint chips and dints.  This can often result in changing a whole panel, or even a whole shutter lourve blade.

Plantation Shutters and Timber Look Venetian Blinds in the same room

Adding street appeal to your property can be easy with an external blind or awning.  What we call a "reskin", where we put new modern fabric on an existing awning.  This works out to around half the price of a new external awning and can instantly add value to the property. If you have the old outdated painted canvas fabrics, you could swap them over to a modern acrylic or mesh fabric and freshen up the front of the property easily and affordably. 

Auto Lock Arm with modern fabric on clad home

Reskining an existing outdoor blind or Awning can add value and modernize the home


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