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Do all my blinds have to be the same colour and match?

Posted on 14 October 2015
No, not necessarily.  If you are going for a different style in different rooms, choose the blind to suit that room. You could use your blind to add texture and warmth, or another layer of a similar colour you have existing in the room.  You could make the blind a "Pop Of Colour" and give the room a character of its own. Many people combine the "Wow" factor of Shutters in their main living area, with more affordable blinds in the bedrooms and other living areas.  The only issue with having different blinds in different areas of the house is if they can be seen from outside of the house. "Curb appeal" is king. Often real estate agents talk about curb appeal and making that first impression as people walk into your home.  It can look very patchy if each window furnishing from outside of your house looks different.   This is why the White Smooth Style Timber Style Venetians work well with Shutters.  From the outside of your home, people can rarely if at all tell the difference.  You can choose the option of different blinds for your home as long as it looks uniform from each side of the house.
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