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Do You Need To Sleep In Complete Darkness

Posted on 27 June 2018
Do You Need To Sleep In Complete Darkness

If you are a shift worker, or a really light sleeper, have an annoying street light right outside your bedroom window or just someone that has to sleep in complete darkness, then not managing the light in the bedroom could be playing havoc with your sleep....and your health.

Insufficient quality sleep, such as those that occur with shift work have consequences for how we function in the daytime, causing sleepiness and fatigue.

A sleepy fatigued person is accident prone, judgement impaired and more likely to make mistakes and bad decisions. 

It can make you question...what's a good sleep worth?

According to an article by the Cleveland Clinic in the article "What Happens When Your Body Doesn't Get Enough Sleep?" Some of the most serious potential problems associated with chronic sleep deprivation are high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure or stroke. ... Also, research links a lack of sleep to an increase of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.

Make no mistakesleeping in complete darkness is possible, at least as far as light coming in from the windows. 


There are 2 major solutions.


One for the inside of the window, and one for out.

An EXTERNAL ALUMINIUM ROLLER SHUTTER can be fitted to the face of the window.  The colours available these days are modern and can blend in with the cladding or facia and guttering.

Now, this type of window furnishing use to be considered old fashion and really only for Security, but these days they are made in modern colours and designs. Yes, they are great for theft deterant, noise reduction, insulation, but they are also fantastic for room darkening, starting from the outside.  If you want something to blockout light, coming from outside, then this is one of the better solutions. 

Most people choose a motorised option for the aluminium roller shutter with solar motorisation being the most affordable and easy to operate motorised system. There is no need for an electrician, and if you rent, you can remove it and take it with you. If there is ever a power failure you will not be effected with a solar powered shutter. Motorisation enables you to control the roller shutter with a remote control from the comfort of your bed.  The other useful feature of a roller shutter is it not only blocks out the light, but it's great for blocking out noise, heat and cold.  Expect to pay around $1200 including GST, installation and solar power remote control for a standard window. (ballpark figure only. These are custom made to your exact window measurements so its best to get a proper measure and quote)

The other option to make a room darker is the NEW ZIPTRAK INTERNAL BLIND.  This style of blind comes within a cassette at the top with side channels down the side of the window that are attached to the inside of the window architrave.  If you are looking for a blockout blind, to keep as much light out of your bedroom, then this would be one of the best products on the market for blockout blinds. You must also choose a 100% block out fabric, and there are some very affordable blockout blind fabrics, as well as some great fashion colours blockout blind fabrics.  With such a huge range of different blockout blind colours to suit any décor, this style of blockout blind doesn't have to be unstylish, just because its functional.

The standard NEW ZIPTRAK INTERNAL BLIND are operated by a spring so you can slide them up and down with one hand no chains.



Sleeping like a baby.

Another workable solution is getting a MOTORISED NEW ZIPTRAK INTERNAL BLIND.  It will create a dark room for a restful sleep DAY and NIGHT  for the light sleeper and you can even control it from the comfort of your bed with a remote control.

Yes, this is a premium window covering product and probably one of the best blockout blind solutions on the market, so it is priced at the premium end of the market.  However, when you think how much time you spend in bed and how much a quality night sleep is worth to your health, then surely this is worth considering as part of your strategy for a comfortable night sleep. There may be a small amount of light bleed from the bottom of this style of blockout blind.  There is a furry buffer at the bottom, so the light will not be as noticable unless its directly at your head height while asleep. 

Expect to pay around $1200 including GST, installation, remote control motorisation and electrician to install power. (ballpark figure only. These are custom made to your exact window measurements so it's best to get a proper measure and quote)

Come into our showroom on the Central Coast to see a demonstration of the ZIPTRAK INTERNAL BLIND with blockout blind fabric and the EXTERNAL ALUMINIUM ROLLER SHUTTER or contact us on 4324 8800 to arrange a Free In Home Measure and Quote.


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