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Electricity Costs Overtake Fuel Costs

Posted on 10 July 2018
Electricity Costs Overtake Fuel Costs

Reducing Electricity costs, a

...... different approach!

In NSW the average household electricity bill is $1,922 per year, up from around $900 ten years ago. The cost of fuel for an average passenger car in NSW is $1,722 per year DOWN from $1,993 ten years ago. If petrol prices had increased by the same amount as electricity we would be paying over $2.60 per litre, with no signs this situation will get any better.

What can you do?

  1. Check you are not paying too much for your electricity.
  2. Have better insulated window furnishing on the inside and outside of your windows.
  3. Change your lighting to LED and replace old inefficient appliances.
  4. Automate your home.

There are numerous electricity brokerage companies such as, "the big switch", "compare the market" etc which could save how much you pay for electricity but given the extraordinary increases we have had and are about to have, it is important to reduce how much electricity you use, of course, without ending up living in the cold and dark. I recently rang up my electricity provider and just by asking got a discount from 8% to 28%.... in one phone call!

Good quality window furnishings make a huge difference to the insulation of your home. The top 5 best insulation for your windows are: -

  1. Aluminium Roller Shutters (can be motorised and automated)
  2. Fabric Awnings on the outside of the window (can be motorised and automated)
  3. Plantation Shutters (either timber or synthetic)
  4. Thick curtains (can be motorised and automated)
  5. Dual roller blinds (can be motorised and automated)



Motorising your blinds is actually not just a "trendy" thing at the moment. Its future proofing the biggest investment you have, your home. You can now have blinds that have sun and wind sensors. They detect if the window is getting too hot and put the blind down for you. Too windy, it puts it away so it doesn't get damaged. It's a hot day, and you are at work? Control your blinds with your smart phone and block the heat getting into the home while you are at work. All this is saving your energy by reducing your air conditioning and electricity costs.



As appliances fail, they can be replaced with energy efficient models, but what more can you do now! Switch off the lights I hear you say, turn down the air-conditioner, turn everything off when you go out.

What if your home did this for you? No more shouting at the kids to turn off the bedroom lights or switch off their TV, your home can be made to be smart. The technology is reliable, inexpensive, easy to install and easy to use with the savings real. At the same time, you can increase your security and make your home a lot easier to live in.



HomeSYS (Short for Home Systems) is a Central Coast based company that can bring all your home automation together in one easy to use portal. No more 4 or 5 different apps on your phone. Homesys can provide technology for you to automate your whole home, or it can design and configure a custom solution for you, it can even arrange to install the system. Why don't you contact HomeSYS or visit HomeSYS.com.au and see if this would be right for you.

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