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How can I clean my shutters?

Posted on 21 May 2020
How can I clean my shutters?

Let's face it, because we live in a beautiful place like the Central Coast and leave our windows open to let the fresh air in, it unfortunately causes dust to build up easily.

Dust your central coast shutters regularly with a soft cloth (a dry microfibre cloth is ideal) or feather duster.

Another option to clean your shutters is to use the fabric attachment with the gentle bristle on a vacuum cleaner to remove the light dust.

Make sure you rotate the Shutter blades to get to both sides.  You'll notice you need to clean both sides of the shutters as often dust, and dirt will be heavy on one side more than the other.

Mould and build up dirt!

What if you have left it a bit too long to clean your shutters and they are very dirty? Like I'm talking mould and cobwebs on your Shutters!!

Its ok, the good thing about Shutters and cleaning is they are very forgiving.  They are also super easy to keep clean.

Mould is formed on the Shutter blades because of the build-up of dust and then moisture in the air, like in Winter.  It's time to use a mild detergent and damp cloth and wipe over the shutters. Don't be afraid to use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the shutter edges and get into the nooks and crannies.  Avoid excessive use of water on the Shutters and always make sure you wipe the shutter down until completely dry.

You can use a good quality wood polish (non-wax type) on Timber Plantation Shutters as an extra step in the Shutter cleaning process.

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