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How Much would it cost for a house of Shutters?

Posted on 1 October 2019
How Much would it cost for a house of Shutters?

Are you budgeting for a remodel or new build and want to get an idea of how much it would be for a house full of shutters?  Or how much it would be for a house full of blinds?

Let me help you!

There's lots of variables, that will change the price, but I'll focus on a rough price to help you with budgeting.

Now I'm only going to focus on how much it would cost for a house full of custom-made quality Plantation Shutters provided by Premier Shades. We don't compete at the bottom end of the market as there are some huge differences in quality despite what some reps may say.

Premier Shades provide only quality PVC shutters

If we wouldn't put them in our own home, we won't sell it to our customers.

Remember you use your Shutters and blinds every day! You want to start with a quality product!

A customer recently asked me "but how do I work out if its a quality made Shutter at a bargain price?" Click the link below and I'll tell you how to tell the difference between shutter qualities on another blog we did recently.

Are PVC Shutters Really That Good?

  • Let's assume your house is 4-bedroom, Kitchen, Living/Dining Room combined, Ensuite and Bathroom.
  • Let's assume the windows are standard window sizes or a little smaller.  1 window per room. This is only rough. If you have more windows per room, it will be more.
  • Let's assume you want a good quality shutter, medium price, not the most expensive, but not the cheapest on the market.

The most expensive will be Australian made Plantation Shutters.

The cheapest will be hollow PVC Shutters sold by a man in a van, that you may never see again.

I'm going to give you a rough price for a good quality IMPORTED Plantation Shutter. There are good quality Shutters coming out of China, but you need to be dealing with a reputable importer. The one we use for Premier Shades has a quality control officer at the factory to maintain the standards we expect in Australia.

There are also many brands out there that will say all Shutters are the same and they "come out of the same factory" - this is not true. They may look the same, but the material and the paint finish may not last in a hot window in an Australian Summer.

A rough price for a 4-bedroom house, Kitchen, Living/Dining Room combined, Ensuite and Bathroom.

You'd be looking at under $6000 fitted including GST.

Quality PVC Shutters supplied by Premier Shades

Options to work within your budget

  • We have another quality imported Plantation Shutter that doesn't have the same paint finish and has less warranty. Still very good quality. You'd be looking at under $4500 for the same size house.
  • You could just do the front of the house in Plantation Shutters. Say the kitchen and dining room. This will add street appeal and is often your main living areas. Then put roller blinds or venetian blinds in the bedrooms. You'd be looking at under $4000.
  • You could finance the plantation Shutters you want now. Premier Shades offer Humm Finance and you can pay it over 60 months. For a smaller deposit that usually, you could pay off the balance of $6000 in fortnightly payments of under $100 over 4 years.

Do you have window sizes now?

Or a window schedule from your builder? We can quote off the plan and give you a few options for each window.  That way you can get a clearer idea of what to budget for.

Not building for a few months or a year? That's ok.

We are still happy to quote for you. Just realise the price may not be firm for that length of time.


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