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It's time to think about Summer.

Posted on 22 August 2023
It's time to think about Summer.

El Nino = hotter summers. Keep your home cool with shading.

The bad news: intense heatwave headlines from around the world. In Australia, July 2023 was the hottest July on record. And a predictedEl Nino means that we’re in for drier, hotter weather for the next few years.


The good news: you can reduce the heat in your home (and your reliance on air conditioning and electricity) with smart shading. Premier Shades, your experts in home shading, are here to help. We understand the science behind shading.

Fact: most heat gain in summer occurs through your windows. But, more good news, external shading canblock up to 80% of the sun’s summer heat gain through windows.


The classic Queenslander house is a great example of how to manage cooling in our climate, with wide verandahs creating shade to keep the sun off glazing and to catch the cool breeze. These outcomes are achievable in your home with clever placement of blinds, awnings, shuttersandcurtains.

Jessica Hawksley, Premier Shades General Manager, says: “The science of shading is critically important. Our Premier Shades consultants consider your home’s orientation to the sun (ie east and west facing glazing is hottest), prevailing winds (ie sea breeze is prevailing in summer), and where you like to spend your time indoors and out”. 

“With that knowledge, our consultants can help you design solutions and take advantage of natural climate elements to keep your home cool. Our consultants know which products, fabrics, colours, and designs will create the optimal solution for you” says Jessica.

External awnings and blinds are best to keep the sun off windows and doors but must allow for ventilation with the outside of the window or door glazing. If the shading is fitted too closely, air trapped between the shade and window/door willheat up and conduct heat into the room. This can be worse than no treatment at all.

For example, a closed aluminium roller shutter will trap air and create much more heat transferthan a pivot-arm or auto-lock arm awning that is angled away from the window. The gap allows the prevailing breeze to move warm air away from the window keeping your home cool. Fabric and colour choices also make a difference, for example,light coloured fabric is cooler than darker coloured PVC fabrics.

If an external awning isn’t practicable, or you just don’t want one, there are good internal solutions to keep your house cool. Jessica suggests: “Lighter coloured fabric and layers and thickness are important like dual roller blinds. Curtains and plantation shutters are also very good internal solutions, allowing you to keep windows and doors open to catch the breeze whilekeeping out the hot sun.”


Plus, Jessica says, “In our experience, adding automation will ensure that you actually use the shading qualities of your blinds, shutters and awnings, whether you’re at home or out”.


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