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Shutters - are PVC Shutters really that good?

Posted on 8 August 2016
Shutters - are PVC Shutters really that good?


Make no mistake there are varying degrees of quality when it comes to PVC/Synthetic Shutters.

Here's how to make the right choice:-

  • Synthetic = formed through a chemical process by human agency (PVC is synthetic, but there are definately varying qualities), as opposed to those of natural origin. (like timber plantation shutters)
  • Don't be fooled by the sales person saying they are all the same.  Like any product, they have quality brands and cheaper brands.
  • Cheaper Plantation Shutters can have low quality paint as aposed to a quality synthetic plantation shutter, or some are just white PVC plastic - no paint. 
  • Why does this matter?  The paint or PVC may easily yellow, or fade in a hot window.
  • The cheap paint they use on cheap Plantation Shutters can have harmful VOC's in the paint.  Things like phamadahyde and lead.  When the plantation Shutter heats up in the window it may emit an odor or fumes. 
  • The quality difference is how they are manufactured and treated for UV protection. Are they painted after they are assembled or before? (After is better and gives a more seamless look.)
  • Remember Plantation Shutters are meant for windows.  They should be able to handle the heat. If the salesmen says they can't, then it is not a quality product. 
  • Some sales people call all synthetic Plantation Shutters - PVC Shutters. They are not.    
  • The cheaper quality PVC shutters do not have UV stabilisers in the material, or in the paint. Some are even hollow inside.  This means if they are put in a hot window (for example a western window of your home) they may warp or turn yellow. 
  • If parts are not available in Australia, and a blade is accidentally broken, it is virtually impossible to get another part to fit it. A cheap PVC shutter is just that.  PVC or plastic.
  • A sythetic shutter can be anything but timber, and can have some of the premium poly resin brands that are now available. 


Got some rough measurements?  Just want to get an idea of cost without someone coming out?  We don't mind.  Email us your measurements here, and we will give you a quote. Even if you are building and just have plans.  


Want some inspiration:- click here for our gallery of Plantation Shutters jobs we have done. 


PVC Plantation Shutters Central Coast

There are many advantages to choosing a quality Synthetic Plantation Shutters. The main advantage is a quality Synthetic Shutters is ideal for wet areas as well as many areas of your home.  Many Synthetic Shutters have extended warranties up to 25 years, whereas wooden plantation shutters often have a 5 year warranty. The other advantage is some Synthetic Shutters are cheaper than wooden Shutters. I have personally used Thermopoly Shutters in my own home with a combination of Timber shutters and have recommended them to friends.  and YES, THEY LOOK THE SAME.

Myths about TIMBER Plantation Shutters: Timber Plantation shutters do not warp or bend.  They are ideal for shaped windows and can be painted with quality paint or stained to nice woodgrain finishes. This gives the customer lots more options and choices.  

Thermopoly Plantation Shutters Central Coast

The quality brand - Thermopoly Shutters are a premium brand of Synthetic plantation shutters and are often the same price as wooden plantation Shutters. They have an aluminium rod through the centre, are solid throughout and are correctly treated with the correct UV stabilisers. They are quite suitable for all windows, including hot western windows that get the hot afternoon sun.  They offer great insulation in both winter and summer and seem to make your air conditioning a lot more efficient. 

Thermopoly Shutters look practically the same as wooden shutters.  You can often only tell the different by the weight.  The cheaper synthetic plantation shutters may look similar from the front, but you can tell they are plastic by the way they are finished off on the end of the louvers blades.  The cheaper synthetic shutters sound different when they are tapped and feel different to touch.

The only other limitation with Synthetic Shutters is they have limited framing options. Timber shutters offer over 10 framing options including the really ornate frames, whereas Synthetic plantation shutters might only offer 3-4.  However they are often the most popular framing options anyway and I have not seen it limit our customers choices.  Synthetic/PVC Plantation Shutters are often limited by their width per panel. This means you may need to go to 3-4 panels per window, rather than 2. It may not be the look you want for that window or that room and can sometimes be too many shutter panels in the window. That is where a mix of timber and sythetic plantation shutters can work well in a house.  Especailly if its a quality sythentic plantation shutter. 



Why would you choose Wooden Plantation Shutters over Synthetic Shutters?

Synthetic shutters usually have a limited width span, some of the cheaper ones as low as 550mm (less than 2 foot).  A wooden plantation shutter can have a maximum width of 950mm. What this means is if you have big windows you will need more shutter panels to cover the expanse.  This may or may not be the look you like, as the most popular look is one shutter panel per window pane. Often clients choose timber shutters for this reason.  Synthetic Shutter are also heavier than Wooden Plantation Shutters which means if they are big windows (in height as well), the hinges may not handle the weight of the shutter as well as the lighter wooden plantation shutter. 

Wooden Shutters are able to be made into many different types of shapes. If you have a shaped window, wooden shutters would be your best option. Certain premium wooden shutters with polyurethane paint can be put in wet areas like bathrooms as long as there is no direct water near them. They are ok with the moisture of the room. However, a quality synthetic shutter and a quality wooden shutter look very similar, so there is no reason to not put wooden shutters through your house and synthetic shutters in a bathroom.

Quality Issues: Just like all products there are different qualities and brands when it comes to Wooden Shutters. The cheaper Wooden Shutters are made of composite wood that is glued together. MDF wood is similar to what is used in bathroom draws, or commonly referred to as biscuit wood.  If there is one small hole in the paint and the shutters get wet, the composite wood will swell up and burst.  These cheaper brands will often warn you to not leave your window open or you will void your warranty.  The better quality shutters use timber like Basswood and are painted with 2 pac polypropylene paint.

10 Tips for choosing a Plantation Shutter Company on the Central Coast:

  • 1. Do they put their quote in writing outlining exactly what you are getting (including Brand), paint finish and WHEN?
  • 2. Do they give you the warranty details in writing so you know what is and what isn't covered?
  • 3. Do they display their actual address on their website or is it vague and they just provides a mobile number of 1300 number?
  • 4. Is it hard to contact them, even for a quote? Then wait until something goes wrong!!
  • 5. Do they have a showroom where you can see, touch and feel the product before you make a decision?
  • 6. Can you split your order and get a few windows shutters done at a time to spread out your payments?
  • 7. Do they offer any form of finance and what are the terms?
  • 8. Do they have sample they can show you in your home, so you can see the colour match against your walls and furnishings?
  • 9. Do they specialise in Window Furnishings, or are blinds an add on sale. Blinds must be measured to the exact millimetre. Shutters need to be more exact. 
  • 10. Are they local? Why should this matter? Firstly, you would have to question why a tradesman would drive 90 minutes from a thriving international city like Sydney (or Newcastle) with a population of 5 million to the Central Coast and then offer a cheaper product. Plus, did you know that every $20 a week you spend locally within our region has a knock on effect and could generate up to $200million for the region. This means future jobs for our central coast kids and grandkids.  If the company are not local, will they come back if something isn't right? We've heard tales of Sydney companies getting paid and never coming back to fix things.


Premier Shades ticks all the top 10 boxes. We are a local family business employing 12 Central Coast residents in our factory, showroom, installation and office team.  If you would like a local reputable Plantation Shutter dealer to give you a free measure and quote for your blinds, shutters or awnings contact us. Or visit our showroom at 18/482 Pacific Highway, Wyoming.  We have many different brands and qualities of shutters on display, including imported and Australian made. You can touch, feel and see the difference.

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