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Smart Phone technology is now available for your blinds

Posted on 31 March 2017
Smart Phone technology is now available for your blinds

Smart technology is now available for your air conditioner, your television, your lighting, your security and now your blinds.

Most of us don't go anywhere without our phone, and the buzz word for those renovating or building a new home is "home automation". It's about creating a life where we can control and automate our regular everyday devices from the touch of our phone.

Home automation is the way of the future, and one of the regular everyday tasks is pulling your blinds up and down.  Many internal and external blinds are there to create privacy as well as protect your home and furniture from the heat and cold. 

Remote control blinds have been around for a while, but now the technology has extended through to an app on your smart phone or iPad where you can control the blinds from anywhere in your home, or the world.

We have found our customers say the most useful way to use this technology is putting multiple blinds up and down at the same time.  It is also great for pre-programming your blinds to be up for the morning sunrise, or down for the hot afternoon sun.  A great security feature is to be able to operate your blinds remotely when you are on holidays and know that all blinds are down and your home is secure.

How does it work?  A WIFI Hub is purchased that is then plugged into your power socket, next to your WIFI connection.  You then download a free app from the app store that relates to the type of motors you have in your blinds.  In Australia, the most common devices are the SOMFY MYLINK WIFI HUB and the ACMEDA PULSE WIFI HUB. 

Is it easy to set up?  If you are tech savvy, you could follow the prompts on the app and set it up yourself once you have purchased the WIFI HUB. If not any reputable licensed blind motorization company could do it for you for a small fee.  No electrician is required.

Where can I get the WIFI HUB?  You can buy them through our online shop or at our Central Coast Showroom at 18/482 Pacific Highway, Wyoming.  They also have them on display and operational if you need to see how they work.

What if I don't have WIFI?  This technology only operates with WIFI. If your WIFI is out, then you will not be able to control your blinds with the app, however you can still use your remote control as long as you have electricity connected.  If you have the re-chargeable battery operated blinds, they will operate without electricity as long as they are fully charged.

I already have Somfy motors in my blinds and awnings, can I use it? Yes, contact Premier Shades to get the WIFI HUB.

I already have the Acmeda Re-chargeable battery motors in my blinds, can I use a WIFI HUB?  Yes, contact Premier Shades to get the WIFI HUB.

I would like this technology, but just have regular chain operated roller blinds. Can I get motors put in on my existing blinds? It depends.  Some motors require different deductions and different controls and brackets to fit into your window.  There are motors that are re-chargeable (like a mobile phone charger) that can be retrofitted into existing blinds. If you have purchased your existing blind from Premier Shades in the last 2 years, call and ask if it is possible. We will have your details on hand and can let you know.

Do the WIFI HUBS work with other brands?  No, they are specific to the brand of motor in your blind.

How much is it?  The Somfy MYLINK WIFI HUB is $440 RRP. The Acmeda PULSE WIFI HUB is $400 RRP. Excluding any programming or set up fee. If you are tech savvy you may be able to set this up yourself.

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