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Veri Shades are new and you've got questions!!!

Posted on 18 June 2019
Veri Shades are new and you've got questions!!!

What is a Veri Shade Blind?

A Veri Shade blind is a cross between a vertical and a curtain. It's a patented design that gives you the functionality of a vertical blind (easy to tilt open and close, easy to slide one way or the other), with the beauty and style of a curtain. (soft flowing fabrics).

Are Veri Shade Blinds Blockout?

They can be. Not total pitch dark blockout, but they can certainly make a room dark. It would be best to fit them to the face of your architrave so there is no "light bleed" around the edges of the blind.

Are Veri Shades easy to clean?

Because they are made of 100% polyester, they are super easy to clean. Just unhook the fabric and handwash with something gentle like Napisan. Then hang them to dry. The fabric also comes with a 50+ UV factor which is ideal for a product used in the window.

What colours do Veri Shade come in?

At this stage there are 4 designs: - Standard, Net, Mist and Autumn. They also have a unique pattern and allow varying degrees of filtered light.The colour palette is from whites, to creams to greys to charcoals. Approximately 6 colours in each design.

What type of window would Veri Shade be best for?

Sliding Doors would be ideal.You can have them stacking to the left or right, which would be ideal for a sliding door. Because they can be custom made to 6 metres wide (20 feet) they also look great on stacker doors. However, if you have a high traffic door or window this blind would also be idea.

Can Veri Shade be motorised?

Yes. There is a basic motor that tilts the blades open and closed, however a more advanced motor (German made) is available that will allow the blind to tilt and open and close.

How long does it take to have installed?

This is a custom-made product.  To your exact measurements, with your unique fabric colour choice and track choice.  Allow 4 weeks from check measure.

Veri Shades are on display in our showroom. Come in and test them out. We know you will love them.

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