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Want to create a cosy space with your blinds?

Posted on 11 July 2019
Want to create a cosy space with your blinds?

In the cooler months its crucial to make your main living room feel cosy and warm.  You will spend more time there than summer, so its worth adapting it just for this season.

The last thing you need is ill fitted blinds that make the room drafty and unfinished. Or worse still no blinds at all.  A lovely big rug, snuggly throws and gentle light. Make it inviting. Along with lamps, window furnishings can soften the mood of the room.

According to Martha Stewart these top 5 colours can influence the mood of your space with just the right colour:

Here are the cosy colours

1. Creamy White

There are shades of White you ask?  Oh Yes, many shades and they can throw off different hues.  You are looking for an off white with some warmth to it. A creamy white.  Alone its such a classic crisp colour, but layer the rooms with natural textures, woven baskets, timber, textured cushions, big thick rugs and you have created a warm and inviting space with a beautiful fresh white.

2. Mustard Yellow

A little touch of mustard in the blinds can add a depth of warmth you may not have imagined. Yellow you say? Yes, Its trendy, but not in your face, its classy and subtle. We saw beautiful printed fabrics at the recent Blind Expo that had a wattle type print on them.  Earthy! Natural! And definitely Cosy!

3. Moody Greens

Green is traditional and soothing. A light moody green goes well with timber or bright white furniture and accessories.  And some depth and texture to the room with a bold green blind. You'll be surprised with the impact it creates and another layer of sophistication to your room.

4. Shades of Grey

I know what you are thinking grey is not cosy.  But think again, it can be.  Mixed with the right accessories it can look sleepy, wistful, inviting.  The wonderful thing about Grey is you can lighten it up and make it more feminine with clean lines or choose darker bolder colours for a more masculine look.  Both go great with silver, white and charcoal.



5.Rich Red

Do you love Red but are not game to paint the whole room?  Try a feature wall or a feature blind! It can make a statement as well as create the sophistication and warmth that only red can bring to a room.


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