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What’s the difference between a Curtain and Veri Shades?

Posted on 2 March 2022
What’s the difference between a Curtain and Veri Shades?

Veri Shades is a relatively new product to the window furnishing industry.  Its nickname is the “Clever Curtain”

To describe it simply, it’s a cross between a Vertical blind and a curtain.  It has the practical side of a vertical blind where it can be adjusted to let light in while still giving privacy.  The internal blade/fabric can be tilted to adjust the light and privacy. It also comes on a sliding track, like a vertical blind.  

Veri Shades are like sheers curtain because the fabric around the blades flows like curtain sheer fabric.  It’s a softer look than a vertical blind.

How Wide can a Veri Shades go?

Both Curtains and Veri Shades can span large windows.  Most curtain tracks and Veri Shades tracks go to 5.5metres and they can be butted up to make a wider curtain or Veri Shades.



Can you motorise Veri Shades?

Both Curtains and Veri Shades can be motorised.  With curtains you have more choices of the types of motors you can have.  For example, you have a few brands to choose from, and you can also have 12V battery rechargeable motorised curtains. Motorised curtains can also be connected to your Alexa or Google home smart system and you can operate your order via your phone or voice activation.

You can motorise a Veri Shades blind, but you are currently limited to one brand of motor.

Are Veri Shades blinds cheaper than Curtains?

It really depends on the fabric, but comparing a Veri Shades blind to a Sheer Curtain, a sheer curtain may be cheaper.

Premier Shades have Veri Shades blinds, Sheer Curtains, Blockout Curtains and motorised curtains on display in their Showroom at 18/482 Pacific Highway, Wyoming.  Pop in and compare for yourself. 



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